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  • Traditions™ Blunderbuss Rifle Kit - .54 Cal

Traditions™ Blunderbuss Rifle Kit - .54 Cal

The Traditions™ Blunderbuss Rifle Kit comes in .54 caliber percussion ignition. The Blunderbuss features a flared steel barrel and features a single trigger percussion ignition. The rifle’s hardwood stock is accented by beautiful brass trigger-guard and butt plate furniture.



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The Traditions™ Blunderbuss Rifle Kit comes in .54 caliber percussion ignition. The Blunderbuss features a flared steel barrel and features a single trigger percussion ignition. The rifle’s hardwood stock is accented by beautiful brass trigger-guard and butt plate furniture. The 16 3/4" trumpet-style barrel is designed to shoot .54 caliber round balls. Once finished the Traditions Blunderbuss Rifle is great to enjoy out to the range or simply display on your wall.

The Blunderbuss was considered a poor man's shotgun. The blunderbuss could be loaded with various scraps, rocks, or wood, although this would result in damage to the barrel of the gun. Most historical accounts have the blunderbuss being loaded with lead balls smaller than the bore diameter. The early Blunderbuss barrels were constructed from either steel or brass, and was usually flared. The barrel flaring served a two-fold purpose by increasing the spread of the shot, and serving as a funnel, making it easier to reload on horseback or on top of a moving carriage. The flared muzzle is the defining feature of the Blunderbuss, differentiating it from other large caliber carbines of it's day. Blunderbusses were notoriously short, with barrels under two feet in length, at a time when a typical musket barrel was over three feet long.

One of the best ways to get a real hands-on muzzleloading experience is to build a rifle yourself. Easy to read instructions guide you through the building process to a finished product. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you built a fully functional rifle for shooting or display. 

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Traditions™ Blunderbuss Rifle Kit - .54 Cal

Traditions™ Blunderbuss Rifle Kit - .54 Cal.

Rating: 4.3/5 based on 12 review(s)
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  1. Best antique with great use review by Johnny on 2/11/2019

    "I bought this as a way of squirrel hunting when they are on my bird feeder, turned out fantastic! This thing helped me Kill 37 squirrels in a week, I fed em to the dogs or sometimes I left the bodies outside to warn the other squirrels

    Why this wasn’t 5 stars:
    I could only find two problems with this product
    1. There was blood everywhere and it attracted coyotes, which in tern, ate my livestock
    2. I accidentally shot my foot with it and now I have to walk on crunches

    But overall great product

  2. Fun looking gun review by Johnny on 11/28/2018

    "Unfortunately, I've not had time to assemble or finish this fine looking gun. It appears that there will be a certain amount of work to finish and assemble this gun. I do look forward to having a finished gun."

  3. Pain in the %#& review by Floyd on 6/16/2018

    "I spent the better part of 4 hours trying to get this kit to line up. nothing was cut right. i had to dicker with the tricker, carve out everything, the lug isn't lined up, the trigger was not either, the screws would not line up with the side plates, and the barrel lug was to high up to get everything down properly. the screws are very flim flam, and stripped a little. I think they gave me the worst kit they had around.. I love the gun, looks, and feel, and idea. but i may probably call and complain. it is finally together and still wont fire properly. I am no amature either, i have worked on a lot of guns and kits. This one missed quality control. "

  4. Great Kit review by Jeff C. on 3/22/2018

    "So much fun to put together!"

  5. Blunderbuss kit review by Lee on 3/9/2018

    "Fitted the pieces together, and, handle to whittle and glue on the routed out trigger area. Spent less than an hour polishing the barrel with 0000 steel wool. Spend more time than that sanding the stock. Staining and oiling the stock was in a series of coats. Then we oiled it with linseed oil. See forum for pictures. "

  6. Kit blunderbuss review by Lee on 3/3/2018

    "Had to work on the stock where they had routed out the trigger, sidelock area. Razor knife and a touch of glue fixed the chewed up areas. Fit it all together and make sure the trigger mechanism works without touching wood. The screws that hold the trigger in seem a touch long and one contacted the hammer as it came thru the sideplate. I remedied this with a small washer. Another remedy would be to not drive in too far, the large washers that sink into stocks holes on the far side from the trigger, maybe leave them sticking out a hair..? Steel wool the barrel with 0000. Permablue worked for me. Spend extra time smoothing the stock."

  7. Nice black powder gun kit review by Livan on 2/20/2018

    "I'm a black powder entusiast this is a great gun replica when I finished come out like an a autentic old gun.


  8. Not a bad gun review by Bill on 4/15/2017

    "Okay, I know how this sounds but the stock was exemplary but the threaded lug welded on the barrel is a few degrees off and made this kit a difficult task to enjoy... I cut the lug off, re-positioned the lug, welded it back to the barrel and all the issues went away... Rather than blame the kit, i'd blame the individual who didn't have the barrel and lug in the fixture properly...Otherwise, fun kit to assemble!"

  9. Easy project review by Ken on 2/21/2017

    "This blunderbuss was my Christmas gift to me. The kit was very easy to finish and assemble. I added some brass inlays and a name plate to engrave. Overall a great kit."

  10. FUN FUN FUN review by Damon on 6/13/2016

    "SWEET "

  11. So Much Fun! review by Bill L. on 6/6/2016

    "I bought this to finally try out a kit and to see if I would like shooting a black powder shotgun. The kit went together easily. I did not have to do anything other than stain the wood and blue the barrel. It came out great and is the envy of the range every time I have taken it out. 80-90 grains of FFFG and 80 BB's as the load. The spread is perfect for 25 yards and I would hate to be on the wrong end of this weapon. Easy to shoot and quick to clean up. Even the range master wanted to shoot it. I love this gun."

  12. Blunderbuss Kit review by Skip L. on 6/6/2016

    "Really hard to evaluate at this present date. I unpacked the box and it looks like that it will be a somewhat easy process to finish up. I have located sources of supply for the browning process as well as stock finish. Otherwise it appears to be a nicely appointed kit and relatively easy to finish."

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