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Thor™ Full Bore Conical - 300 Grain

Model: THOR 300 GRAIN

15 or 50 Pack - Model 50300
.50 Caliber, 300 Grain Ballistic Tip


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The Thor™ Bullet produced by OPG Gun Ventures is a patented, full bore diameter, bullet conical that is bore size specific. The .50 caliber, ballistic tip, Thor™ Bullet is Colorado legal, which has some of harshest regulations for muzzleloader projectiles. With 100% copper construction, the bullet is also certified legal non-lead in California. The Thor™ Bullets are built on a limited basis, and are manufactured by Barnes™ using their X Bullet® Technology of all copper construction with expansion technology of an integrated expansion ring specifically designed for loading and accuracy. The Thor™ Bullet is proven to be extremely accurate at longer ranges, while providing lethal expansion on deer and elk-sized game. 

The Thor™ Bullets are a premium Barnes bullet with proven technology. The bullet’s hollow base expands when the powder goes off, both gripping the rifling and sealing the bore.  These bullets actually shoot 75-100 grain FPS faster than a Powerbelt due to their superb sealing power. If it is a quality conical you are looking for that won’t fragment into a million pieces, the conical, 300 grain Thor™ Bullet is the way to go.

**** Before purchasing your first pack of Thor™ Bullets, you first need to order a test sizing pack of 4 bullets of diameters of .500”, .501”. .502” and .503” that allows you to correctly size your bore. It is important that you start with the smallest diameter Thor™ Bullet, and work your way up in diameter size until you find the proper fitting Thor™ Bullet for your muzzleloader. While manufacturers have similar bore diameters, they will vary .001”-.002" from gun to gun, so it is extremely important to correctly size your bore to determine which diameter works best for you. 

To determine which bullet is best for your muzzleloader, start with an empty rifle, remove the breechplug and slide in the .500 bullet. If it slips easily down the bore, you then try the .501 and so on.  When you find the diameter that requires about 20/30 ft./lbs. of force to push down the barrel (that is comparable to the resistance you get loading a standard sabot bullet), then that’s the correct size for your rifle.

Bullet Weight
Package Quantity
15 OR 50 PACK
Thor™ Full Bore Conical - 300 Grain

Thor™ Full Bore Conical - 300 Grain.

Rating: 4.7/5 based on 11 review(s)
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  1. Great bullet review by Andy on 9/6/2019

    "Wow! This bullet is IMPRESSIVE. I’m getting 1” groups at 100 yards and about 2-2.5” groups at 200 yards with a cva optima. This is with minimal load development. I dropped 100 grains of blackhorn powder then throw the 300 grain Thor over it and it is accurate enough for my needs. I was able to harvest an antelope with it and it dropped him in his tracks. Hit him quartering towards me and it went the full length of the body and exited in front the offside hip. His lungs were turned to goop and he was dead before hitting the ground. I will be using these for as long as I can as they’re scary accurate and deadly. They’re worth the extra money. "

  2. Great accuracy and performance review by Richard on 12/8/2018

    "Thor bullet goes 250 and 300 granny performed flawlessly are very accurate took several Illinois bucks with CVA Accura Mr rifle and blackhorn 209 powder, 2 to 3" groups at 200 yrd on first loads of 115 grains measured charges"

  3. Excellent bullets review by Greg on 11/19/2018

    "I've taken multiple white tails and an elk with this bullet. It's incredibly accurate and has exceptional terminal performance. I no longer shoot sabots at all."

  4. Great bullet review by Wes Windover on 10/4/2018

    "Used these this year in Colorado. Great performance and knock down. "

  5. Elk and Muley down review by Dayne P. on 9/26/2018

    "Shot a 6x5 at 190 yards in Colorado...only went 70 yards, Mule deer at 60 yards complete pass through dropped in his tracks. Exit wound on muley was the size of a quarter. I will use these over my Sabot rounds even in states where Sabots are allowed."

  6. Sizing Inconsistencies review by Chris on 9/25/2018

    "Prior to purchasing a 50 pack, I purchased the sizing pack for my .50 caliber Knight Disc Extreme. The .500 went down way too easy. The .501 had the right amount of resistance and I ordered a box of 50 in .501. Before shooting them, I used calipers to verify all 50 bullets. 20 were .501, 20 were .5017-.5019 and 10 were .502-.5022-.5025. I shot one of the .501s and attempted to shoot a second .501 without swabbing the barrel to simulate a field situation. I tried this with both Triple 7 and Blackhorn 209 powders. I could not seat the second bullet with either powder anywhere close to seating on top of the powder. Swabbing between shots helped with the .501s but I did not attempt to load any of the bullets that measured over .501.

    I shoot Barnes bullets in all of my centerfire rifle and was excited to try Thor bullets in my muzzleloader but will not be using them in the future due to my experience. I am disappointed that out of the 50 bullets, only 20 came in at the size ordered."

  7. Great grouping review by Eugene wengerd on 8/20/2018

    "So I've been hunting with black powder for 18 years n just recently found these bullets! I had to spread them to .506 using a press for a better seal in my White muzzleloader which has a .504 barrel 22" in length... Even after my not so professional adjustment to make them wider they still had a 4" group at 250yds... I did connect with the manufacturer of Thors and they do make a .506 size in the 300 gr. I need to shoot them yet but even the trojectory is good 5" high at 100yd dead on at 150 yds 4" low at 200yds and 8" low at 250yds using 95 gr of 777 fffg powder. Love these bullets!"

  8. Deadly and accurate review by Bill S on 11/28/2017

    "I have been using these bullets with 110 grains of blackhorn powder and they are by far the best I have ever used."

  9. Best Muzzle Loader Bullet review by Sherman S. on 2/10/2017

    "These are the best bullet for hunting in Colorado and California that I have used and are legal."

  10. Best muzzleloader bullet out there. review by Jason B on 1/4/2017

    "4x4 Roosevelt bull dropped in its tracks from one 300 grain Thor and 100 grains Pyrodex pellt"

  11. Bull Down review by Dale D. on 10/13/2016

    "Experienced total mushroom on a 6x6 elk. Elk traveled about 75 yards before collapse. Don't get any better performance on any bullet ever used. Fantastic!"

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