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  • Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit - Flintlock

Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit - Flintlock

The Traditions™ Kentucky Flintlock Rifle Kit includes all you need to get an authentic hands-on muzzleloading experience by building a flintlock rifle yourself. Easy to read instructions guide you through the building process to a satisfied finished product. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you built a fully functional rifle for shooting or display. 

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The Traditions™ Kentucky Flintlock Rifle Kit includes all you need to get an authentic hands-on muzzleloading experience by building a flintlock rifle yourself. Easy to read instructions guide you through the building process to a satisfied finished product. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you built a fully functional rifle for shooting or display. 

The finished Traditions™ Kentucky Flintlock Rifle features a single trigger flintlock ignition and fixed blade sights that give the rifle its dependable accuracy. The rifle’s full-length two-piece walnut stock is accented by beautiful inlaid solid brass furniture. The octagonal barrel is rifled at 1:66" for patched-ball loads. The long sighting plane between the blade front sight and fixed notch rear sight aids precision shooting accuracy. The case hardened lock features a V-type mainspring for fast lock time. Once finished, the Kentucky Flintlock Rifle is a treasure to take out in the field or simply display on your wall.

Traditions Kentucky Rifle SPECIFICATIONS/OPTIONS
Detailed Instructions
Rifle Stock
Twist Rate
Authentic Wooden Ramrod
Overall Length
Traditions Lifetime Warranty
Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit - Flintlock

Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit - Flintlock.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 20 review(s)
  • Price: 299.99 - In stock
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  1. Awesome! review by Shane B. on 4/6/2019

    "I started a review when I was about half done, and gave this kit 4 stars. But there's nothing like seeing the finished product! I finished about ten minutes ago, and this rifle is a solid 5-star product. I ordered the kit late at night, and it was shipped the next morning. (You gotta love that.) My only complaint is with the tenons. I wish they came attached to the barrel, and that they were pre-drilled. Getting those right was my biggest headache. I was concerned about drilling the pin holes, but I measured carefully (nothing fancy, just used a ruler and a pencil) and they went right in. Just in passing, I "browned" the barrel and stained the stock with Minwax Red Oak, finishing the job with Minwax Polycrylic finish. The pictures on the web site don't do this kit justice. The finished rifle is far better looking! (Okay, one more complaint: the directions suck. And the online videos aren't much better. If you have any problems or questions, give somebody a call!)"

  2. Affordable, high quality, and a lot of fun. review by Eli Leonard on 12/31/2018

    "This was my first kit, but it won't be my last. The instructions were very clear and my rifle turned out beautiful. I was also very impressed by the speed and quality of shipping. I will definitely be buying another Traditions kit...and I will be buying it from"

  3. Buy this kit review by Shawn on 11/11/2018

    "This is the best bang for your buck, hands down. This rifle turned out great for me as I was looking for a traditional style deer rifle. I am not a "history buff" or a reenactor so I am completely satisfied with this gun despite all the "bling" and the two piece stock which I epoxied together nicely. This kit took me roughly one and a half weeks to build when I wasn't at work. Be prepared for a lot of sanding and take your time with the measuring and drilling and you will not be disappointed. "

  4. Kentucky Flintlock review by James Hilton on 11/11/2018

    "This is a beautiful rifle when finished, everything had a great fit with just a little sanding. I do a lot of wood carving and Im in the process of doing a lite forest carving on the stock along with adding a patch box. Thanks for great customer service. "

  5. Love it review by Michael on 9/6/2018

    "I got mine a few years ago and finely put it together and love it. I'm thinking about buying couple more kits. "

  6. Excellent kit review by Rob Scroggins on 9/3/2018

    "My wife got this kit for me at Christmas 2017. I set to work on it just after the new year. I finished it after a couple of weeks, not bad for being a full time student and working full time. I enjoyed the time working on it, fitting the metal parts into the wood required some minor chiseling and dremel work but was not bad. I took extra time and put a nice smooth finish on the wood before staining it and I polished the brass to a higher luster. I finally got to shoot it Labor Day Weekend. It fires great, had a ball at the range with it. I highly recommend this for a first timer. "

  7. Great kit to start with! review by John Menton on 5/22/2018

    "I bought this kit to check out what was involved in building a flintlock. I didn't want to spend more on a higher quality kit just in case I made a critical mistake that couldn't be repaired. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. Everything fit well with only minor adjustments to the inlets being made with razor blades, files and chisels. I completed the assembly in about 20 hours not including stock and ramrod finishing. If you are looking to start building your own muzzleloaders check out this kit before moving onto higher quality options. "

  8. Great Gun! review by KARL carlsen on 4/21/2018

    "It was a fairly easy build with a Dremel with just the right sanding wheels. I ended up cracking the stock by not drilling the holes for the tenon pins after I finished it. But with glue you can't find it. Would definitely buy again loved the experience and the final product of the effort put in. Thank you for carrying a fine product. "

  9. great gun kit, GOOD buy review by Kenneth Lane on 3/19/2018

    "I've looked all over for a flintlock rifle kit and this Traditions kit is exactly what I wanted and this is the only site I could find it. I'm not a gunsmith, for sure, but I'm doing well on the build. I like the challenge of the finishing work and look forward to a fine Kentucky flintlock when it's completed. is a unique place; excellent prices, really fast shipping, a lot of parts and accessories, and the help online [ live chat] and over the phone. Who could ask for more? I look forward to my next purchase."

  10. Lane review by Kenneth on 3/7/2018

    "I looked for some time to find this Kentucky flint so I could build it myself. Not only is this just what I wanted, the price was good, and the customer service is great on the phone and at the website [live chat]. I'm looking forward to finishing this rifle and having an addition to my other black powder pieces. I will be ordering from M-L again especially for the accessories. I love the low prices. many thanks

  11. Great Kit! review by Jeff C. on 11/20/2017

    "I was so excited to get a flintlock kit at an affordable price! Thank you!"

  12. Purchase with confidence review by Lance Foster on 6/14/2017

    "I wanted to buy a kit I could heavily modify and not spend a great amount of money, I needed a lot of technical information. The people at were knowledgeable enough to provide me with the specs that I needed. They were understanding of my project and very helpful. The shipping was quick and any follow-up questions were answered. I was impressed enough with the kit and service that I purchased a second kit from them. "

  13. Great Kit review by Jeff G. on 5/11/2017

    "Could not find this kit anywhere else. I called and found out they are the exclusive retailer of this kit. Great customer service and fast shipping! Excited to put it together."

  14. 2 piece stock? review by Mike Larson on 5/3/2017

    "I respect the fact that Traditions continues to try to accommodate the traditional shooter. I do however think they could do better and be more historically accurate by changing a few things. They may even sell more guns to a more knowledgeable audience.

    First off the two piece stock on the Kentucky rifle is a serious turn off to anyone trying to buy and entry level historically accurate gun. Two, the huge strangely looped pan spring needs to be brought to a more traditional look.

    The Hawken rifle would sell great of they eliminated the extra little finger thing on the bottom of the trigger guard. That's more of a Dimick design then a Hawken. More steel and less brass would suit me better yet I realize that's why some people buy them. Bling is more popular then historical accuracy."

  15. Kentucky Flintlock Rifle Kit review by Ron Scott on 10/31/2016

    "Very happy with the purchase and delivery of my Kentucky Flintlock 50 cal. rifle. Am in process of sanding the stock and fitting all the mechanical parts. I checked all parts and found no problems. This will make an excellent flintlock for traditional hunting and target shooting. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to build a revolutionary period flintlock rifle to buy one from Great price and excellent shipping."

  16. Great review by Mirwais Ayazi on 12/29/2015

    "Love it! Easy to build , stain , and shoot!"

  17. Good price and fast shipping review by Gregg W on 12/1/2015

    "Wanted an inexpensive flintlock kit to build during the winter. This was the only place I could find the flintlock kit and at a good price. Shipping was very fast."

  18. good for the price review by Keith Robinson on 10/3/2015

    "I ordered this kit because I wanted a kentucky rifle and wanted to finish it myself. You will need to work on the fit of the parts, I had to file the trigger a little because it wouldnt allow the lock to stay in full cock. All in all it was a pretty good kit to build and was fun to do. Im thinking about ordering a pistol kit next. I also got my kit in about 1 day after it shipped. I was happy to see they would ship to my gun unfriendly state."

  19. What I wanted review by Ted F. on 9/7/2015

    "Just what I was looking for! No one else had these flintlock kits and the shipping was fast (2 days). The kit took some sanding to put together, but it turned out great! "

  20. Nice gun for the money. review by Jeff Swarthout on 8/27/2015

    "This is really a nice weapon for the money. Easy to finish and parts fit well. These are good accurate firearms. "

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