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  • CVA Wolf™ Stainless Camo - PR2112SM

CVA Wolf™ Stainless Camo - PR2112SM

The Wolf™ model PR2112SM has many new features including all the features that made the original Wolf the number one selling muzzleloader in the world. 



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The Wolf™ model PR2112SM has many new features including all the features that made the original Wolf the number one selling muzzleloader in the world. Still lightweight and easy to maneuver, and is just the right size for youth or small-framed adults, or even for the shooter who just wants a quick-handling gun for brush hunting. 

The 100% ambidextrous stock comes in a Realtree® Hardwoods Green camo finish. The Wolf also features CVA’s new QRBP (Quick-Release Breech Plug) – the only truly tool-free removal breech plug on the market today. Even after 20 or more shots, the QRBP comes out with just a twist of the fingers – try that with any other "speed breech" system. Plus, the break-action breech opens easily with just a touch of the breeching button, which is located in the front of the trigger guard.

The Wolf’s compact and quick-pointing barrel is made of stainless steel and is set up with a DuraSight® DEAD-ON™ one-piece scope mount. The Wolf, it’s a lot of gun – but not a lot of money.

Twist Rate
Bullet Guiding Muzzle
100% Ambidextrous Compact or Standard Stock
QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
Reversible Hammer Spur
CrushZone® Recoil Pad
DuraSight® Dead-On Scope Mount
Overall Length
6.25 lbs. Total Weight
Length of Pull
Drilled & Tapped for Scope Mount and Sights
Lifetime Warranty
CVA Wolf™ Stainless Camo - PR2112SM

CVA Wolf™ Stainless Camo - PR2112SM.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 5 review(s)
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  1. I love it review by Bob Jager on 12/27/2018

    "I bought this rifle a little late in the muzzle loader season last year (2017) and found a quick, accurate load to hunt with. Earlier this year I went out and was in search of a tack driving load. I used loose 777 with Extreme Elite 260 grain bullets. Licked the patch and swabbed the barrel in between each shot as suggested for good accuracy. Starting with 80 grain the group was 2-3 inches at 100 yards. Increased to 90 grains and was less than 1 1/2 inch at 100 yards. The gun will likely do better but that's good enough for me. I did try some Traditions 240 grain easy glide I found on sale and they shot about 1" at at 100 yards. I think this gun will shoot any projectile accurately as long as you are willing to tweak the powder. Ill use up the Extreme Elite then go to the Traditions. I shot a big doe on Christmas Eve. at 90 yards with the Extreme Elite. Through and through. Lite, accurate, easy to use, easy to clean, nice looking. Cant beat it "

  2. outstanding review by Bob Jager on 12/7/2018

    "I bought this gun in 2017 and shot it enough to know I could hit a deer easy enough. Last week 12/3/18 I went out to my parents property with the intention of seeing how well it would shoot. I chose 260 grain Extreme Elite bullets for there reasonable cost and streamline design. I used 777 loose powder so I could measure exactly how much powder I was going to use, and Winchester 209 primers. I started with 80 grains of powder and shot 2" groups at 70 yards and 3" groups at 110 yards. I was going to say good enough but have a little more time so tried 90 grains. Wow. I put 2 through an elongated hole at 70 yards and I was shooting quarter size groups at 110 yards. It may not be the magnum load you seek but 260 grains at about 1600-1700 fps is going to kill a lot of deer. Great purchase."

  3. Great muzzleloader review by Doug B on 1/22/2017

    "This is a great gun for the price. I mounted a pursuit x1 scope and bore sighted it by removing the breach plug. The gun produces good groups at 100 yards using white hots and 245 gr. Powerbelt copper bullets. The gun is easy to break down and clean. Very pleased with my purchase. "

  4. Very Happy customer review by Ernest Gobert on 10/24/2016

    "I decided to purchase this rifle after working my butt off for several years of trying to clean my TC Encore muzzle loader. It was a very good decision. After mounting a scope and easily zeroing this rifle it only took me about 30 minutes to get it cleaned inside and out. I was used to using a flat tip screwdriver, a 7/16 socket and ratchet in order disassemble my encore for cleaning, total pain in the rear. This rifle is so easy to clean and maintain and is less than half the cost of my encore rifle. To top it all off I manages to kill a 6 point buck and the next day a big fat doe at 100 yards with some 240 grain XTP hollow points. Great job on the rifle CVA. Very quick shipping and customer service. I'm selling my Encore so I can buy me another one of these jewels."

  5. Good Value review by Jay B. on 6/30/2015

    "I finally settled on the CVA Wolf muzzleloader ... did not want to shell out the money for a top-of-the-line muzzleloader, so I had to do my homework to get a balance of price and features. I read a lot of on-line reviews and research, and I think I made a good choice with the CVA Wolf. I went with the complete package with camo stock, scope, and starter kit included.

    One disadvantage is that the comb of the Wolf stock was not designed for this higher scope mount. The comb rests a little low on the cheek when using this scope mount. For me, this was a minor inconvenience, and an acceptable trade-off to keep the ability to use the iron sites along with the scope.

    Last night I took the time to clean the rifle from shots fired after sighting it in. The break action design makes cleaning relatively easy. I've heard stories about how difficult a muzzleloader is to clean. I did not have that experience. The black powder solution was able to easily clean the barrel after a few patches. The powder I used was advertised as "easy-clean", so perhaps that helped.

    The Wolf has all the features of the most expensive muzzleloaders, but at a lower cost.

    The hammer is accessible and easy to operate. Additionally, the gun produces good accuracy at 50 and 100 yards.

    I hope this gun will provide many, many years of service."

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