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  • CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020SM

CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020SM

While the new Optima V2 shares the name of its popular predecessor, this second version gun has been re-designed with many new features. Modeled after CVA’s top-of-the-line Accura V2, the Optima V2 features the same trigger-guard with actuated breeching lever, internal parts, and neutral center-of-gravity trigger. 



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While the new Optima V2 shares the name of its popular predecessor, this second version gun has been re-designed with many new features. Modeled after CVA’s top-of-the-line Accura V2, the Optima V2 features the same trigger-guard with actuated breeching lever, internal parts, and neutral center-of-gravity trigger. This muzzleloader also features CVA’s Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP), which is easily removed with your fingers, NO tools required. The Optima V2’s 100% ambidextrous stock, and CrushZone recoil pad make this gun one of the most comfortable you will ever shoot. The Optima has more quality features than any other muzzleloading rifle in its price range. 

Equipped with a 26” stainless steel fluted barrel, the Optima V2 is easy to maneuver in the tree stand or in tight spots and comfortable to carry in the mountains. The V2 comes standard with a DuraSight® DEAD-ON™ one-piece scope mount and CVA’s solid aluminum PalmSaver Ramrod. When compared to its competitors, the Optima V2 muzzleloader includes many features you won’t find anywhere else for the price.

26” Stainless Steel Barrel
Bullet Guiding Muzzle
100% Ambidextrous Standard Stock
QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
Solid Aluminum PalmSaver™ Ramrod
Reversible Hammer Spur
CrushZone® Recoil Pad
Overall Length
41" OAL
DuraSight® DEAD-ON™ One-Piece Scope Mount
6.65 lbs. Total Weight
Length of Pull
14" LOP
Drilled & Tapped for Scope Mount and Sights
Lifetime Warranty
CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020SM

CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020SM.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 35 review(s)
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  1. Great customer service review by USMC1775 on 10/5/2019

    "I ordered my cva optima v2. Ranch and home could not find the box. When they found it there was lots of missing pieces in using the front sight fiber optic. Called cva they replaced the whole thing at no charge!!!!!! Gun works great even with conicals 320grain @ 100grains of 777. I love it finally a good company. Thanks guys!"

  2. The CVA Optima V2 26" Stainles - Black Magnum Muzzloader review by Tim on 1/19/2019

    "I ordered my Optima V2 back in October & I received it & It was a 2018 so I know that has fresh stock. I put my scope on it & went to sight it in & it took only 4 shots to touch the same holes there isn't a better rifle that the CVA they are more higher priced muzzloaders but none better than a CVA these rifles are loaded with so many features IE the trigger is AWESOME it feels as if it's been tuned by a gunsmith either left or right handed shooter can take it right out of the box & hunt. If you are looking for a top notch muzzleloader then look no further than CVA."

  3. Great service review by Jackie Kidwell on 12/8/2018

    "I bought my husband this cva optima for christmas. Well he got it When i bought it the guy on the phone was great. He helped me get a scope , sling ,case and scope cover for it. Also they mounted the scope and bore sight it.
    When my husband checked the zero ..the first shot was only like 2 inch to the right. He made one adjustment and fired the 2nd shot. Dead center. Loaded another and it cut the same bullet hole in the center.
    Deer muzzleloader came in today here in ky. He took a nice big doe at 125 yds with 1 shot. She dropped in her tracks. So now my boys are getting deer jerky made out of it. Very happy with the gun and all. Great service with all. I really liked the bible verses that came in the box. Thanks for great help.. and God bless"

  4. Great Performance review by Wade on 10/18/2018

    "I purchased this rifle as my first muzzleloader earlier this year and I have to say I am pleased with its performance. I found there is a gentle learning curve to using a muzzleloader but the videos and information provided by Muzzle-Loaders and CVA made it an enjoyable process. I mounted a Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x 40 and sighted in with the 245gr. PowerBelt Copper AeroTip bullet over two White Hots pellets. This is an accurate rifle. This week the preparation paid off and I took my first deer with the CVA Optima rifle to start off my hunting season. You won't go wrong with this rifle."

  5. Great experience ! review by Aaron. H on 9/30/2018

    "Received My CVA Optima last Thursday, one day sooner than expected. The optima is a quality muzzleloader at a great price. I am very pleased with the service I received from I will be purchasing all my muzzleloader supplies from them in the future. I especially loved the Bible verses that were sent along with my shipment.

  6. Completely Satisfied! review by Jacob on 8/16/2018

    "Ordered my Optima V2 on backorder, received it today with in less than a week of order date. Amazing! Did not expect it that soon at all. Customer service at its finest and prices that’s cant be beat! Will be using for my future purchases. Also loved seeing God’s word on the packaging!!!

    Can’t wait to get the CVA out to the range, feels sturdy and well built. Shoulders great, love the quick breach and the one piece scope mount."

  7. Great gun at a Great Price review by Marty Bongers on 7/27/2018

    "I purchased this Rifle for my father for the upcoming Muzzle loader deer season. I mounted a Bushnell 4-16 power scope on it since Dad's eyes aren't what they used to be. Using 100 Grains of Black horn It shot a 3 shot group within an inch and a half at 125 yards. This was slightly better than my Accura with a Bergara barrel. This rifle really performs."

  8. Great Website review by Joel B. on 6/26/2018

    "This website had everything I needed to buy my first muzzleloader and all the cleaning supplies necessary. I was skeptical at first, but everything came exactly as expected and with fast shipping. Great website and I'll be a returning customer!"

  9. Happy with the features of this rifle. review by Eric A. on 2/9/2018

    "Received this rifle within a few days ,actually a day sooner than expected.. Inpected the rifle and cleaned the shipping oil from gun. Then I mounted a Bushnell Trophy 3x9 scope on it. Out the back door of my rural shop building to shoot it. Dialed it in after 4 rounds with 245 gr power belts and 2 50 gr triple 7 pellets. Grouping around 2 inches at 80 yds..As soon as it warms up in late March to 35 ... 40 degrees I’ll try a bunch of different saboted bullets and 209 powder..With all the nice features of this rifle...easy clean Breech plug and barrel..break open action to insert primer...and in Stainless Steel too... This gun is sure an improvement over my old Remington 700 muzzleloader rifle..especially cleaning.. 5 stars for me."

  10. Awesome review by Zach P. on 11/23/2017

    "I bought a optima v2 a few years back. Love this gun. I topped it off with a nikon inline xr scope. It took me a while to find a load it liked but with 100gr of pyrodex and a t/c 250gr supergilde it's a tack driver. Sud moa at 100 yards. Easy to clean and nice to carry around all day hunting. "

  11. CVA Optima Rifle review by Jeff Harapat on 10/12/2017

    "Computer auto-corrected my address and I didn't realize it. Contacted them to correct it and they had already caught error, corrected and shipped my product. Ordered Tuesday, arrived Friday. Great prices, service and shipping. "

  12. Great muzzle loader and great company to purchase from! review by Greg on 8/29/2017

    "Just purchased the Optima from After a couple months reasearching this gun I new it was just what I wanted. had the best price by far and rhe process was easy. The Optima showed up a day early via FedEx and it was packaged well. I would recommend the Optima and as the place to buy.


    Greg Z"

  13. CVA Optima review by Jon K. on 6/14/2017

    "Great buy very fast shipping"

  14. Well made very accurate rifle review by Ron Durrant on 2/13/2017

    "I did a lot of research when I decided to purchase an inline muzzleloader. My goal was to find a rifle and load that would produce at least 3" groups at 200 yards. I chose the CVA Optima V2 stainless, having read reports of these rifles being well made and accurate. I mounted a 3x9 scope on it, and installed the CVA Blackhorn 209 breech plug. By the way the quick removal breech plug does exactly what CVA says it will. After shooting all day the breech can be turned out easily by hand. The trigger on this rifle is just a bit stiff, but is very crisp with no creep. I'm very impressed with the rifle. I've fired this rifle over 200 times so far with no issues and the accuracy is astonishing when you find what it likes.

    My extensive testing at the range has proven this rifle is consistent and universal.
    This rifle can be light loaded with a patched .490 dia. round ball and 38 grains of 2f GOEX black powder which will produce a 3 shot single hole group at 50 yards. Great for inexpensive plinking and target practice or small game hunting. Black MZ is also very accurate in this rifle as a light load powder. Same 38 grains of Black MZ produced slightly larger groups at 50 yards. Pyrodex was the least accurate. Be advised however that if you shoot heavier loads of powder with the patched round ball it will blow the patch and you loose accuracy fast. light loads are best for PRB.

    My big game load consists of using Blackhorn 209 powder, Harvester Sabots, Hornady 300 grain XTP bullets and Winchester 209 shot gun primer. 200 yard grouping is consistently 2" to 2.1". With this load the bullet velocity averages at 1815 fps, and bullet drop is 20" @ 200 yards. However groups are very consistent and with a scope, elevation is easily adjusted for. No need to spend lots of cash to buy a fine accurate rifle. CVA Optima will do whatever you need. 300 yard accuracy is not out of the question with this rifle."

  15. Best value!! review by Mark W on 12/23/2016

    "Incredible value. Lightweight, flat shooting, easy cleaning. This one is a no brainer! Buy it. I'm getting another for my son"

  16. Phenomenal In-Line- Best prices- Doesn't get any better review by Wayne F Bauer on 12/12/2016

    "Purchased the CVA Optima for my son in-law- Christmas gift. I checked a multitude of other sellers and was by far best price around- on sale to boot. Email correspondence and Customer service was superior. Immediate delivery & shipment, received package in 2-3 days. Packaged very well- rifle was in perfect condition when received. I highly recommend for all your muzzle loading needs. I will be doing business with them in the future."

  17. awesome review by ian flamand on 12/4/2016

    "First muzzle loader I have ever purchased it is amazing and very comfortable to shoot"

  18. Just buy it !! review by Dennis J on 11/28/2016

    "This is the easiest loading , quickest cleaning , best shooting ML I've ever shot period . You won't go wrong with this gun !! "

  19. Won't shoot review by Bill on 11/20/2016

    "Im on my second Optima V2. The first gun, firing pin wouldn't strike the primer. I could pull the trigger 3 or 4 times before it would fire...
    Sent it back, they said it worked like a charm..

    Replacement gun did the same thing, might pull the trigger 3 or 4 times before it would fire..

    Changed powder, primers, and bullets...still no luck!"

  20. Best Value on the market review by Jon on 11/6/2016

    "Order this muzzleloader based on comparisons to it competitors. I topped it with a Nikon Omega BDC 250. 1st day at the range. 5 shots at 25 yards to get dialed. Then adjusted to 100 yard zero. Clover leafed 3 Hornady XTP rounds. I use this gun exclusively. Took 3 deer last year with it. Ranged from 50 yards to 145 yards. You cannot be disappointed with this rifle."

  21. Fast Shipping review by Scott Herod on 10/11/2016

    "Ordered my Optima V2 on a Sunday with 3 day shipping and received it one full day earlier which was great. Gun works great and will definitely buy my next CVA from here. "

  22. my first black powder gun, " WOW" review by jack chamberlain on 5/4/2016

    "I am really enjoying the experience of using a black powder gun. The CVA Optima V2 makes shooting black powder easy and fun. "

  23. Optima V2 review by Barry D. on 1/18/2016

    "Great muzzle loader for the money."

  24. A Good Gun review by michael l. on 12/18/2015

    "Seems to be very accurate. Easy to sight in, shoot and clean. I would recommend it."

  25. Wow review by Chris on 11/29/2015

    "Never had a Muzzleloader dial in so quick. 8 Shots is all it took after bore siting. Good at 100 yds .Wow!
    Cleaning with CVA's breech plug design is amazing! Buy it you will not regret it."

  26. Well thought package put together for a rooke! review by Kevin on 9/28/2015

    "Bought the CVA Optima last year for deer season in Colorado. Blew a 40 yard shot due to a fouled breech plug. Learned my lesson. Spent more time at the range and learned the gun. Today it is getting a scope mounted for elk/deer season in 18 days. Great product for the price. Ease of cleaning and availability of powder and bullets makes this a slam dunk."

  27. Awesome Product / Awesome Service review by Noel Brooks on 9/26/2015

    "Bought a CVA optima v2 for an awesome price. Customer service was very prompt and professional in responding to my question by email. Will recommend to anyone interested in buying anything related to muzzle loading. Thanks!"

  28. Sweet Gun review by Brock L. on 9/26/2015

    "This is such a sweet shooting gun! I'm using 100 gr. of 777 and the power belt aerolite 250 gr. bullets, 3 inch groups at 225 yards. I can't wait for deer season, so I can put this baby into action!"

  29. Excellent Rifle review by Kevin V. on 8/30/2015

    "Bought your CVA Optima....excellent rifle right out of box....accurate...very pleased!!!"

  30. Great Gun, Great Service! review by Bob R. on 8/26/2015

    "All I have to say is my Optima V2 is a value-priced rifle that is packed full of high-end features. Thank you Cole at for going the extra mile in making my purchase such a pleasure. I've definitely found my "go to" site for all my muzzleloading needs! Thanks again!!"

  31. Great gun review by Jeff on 8/26/2015

    "Awesome gun love it, shoots great right out of the box can't wait to hunt with it."

  32. Awesome product! review by Chris Bates on 8/26/2015

    "I went from the traditional hawken style to the optima and will never look back. I hit bullseye at 50 yards consistently and cleaning is a breeze. The design and shape is more comfortable when shooting than my Weatherby hunting rifle. I have recommended both the weapon and and will continue to do so."

  33. Satisfied review by Gary B. on 8/4/2015

    "I am satisfied with the CVA Optima package. I purchased this for my 14 yr old grandson. It was received last Thursday as promised, and I gave it to him on Friday. He now has it properly sighted in and is a very happy young man. When I was looking around for what muzzleloader to get him, I found it interesting that each gun shop I visited recommended the CVA Optima and many of the sales staff owned one themselves. That is a pretty darn good recommendation. I hope my grandson has many years of positive hunting experiences with his new muzzleloader...Finding a positive experience when ordering an item like this is far and few between anymore. Thanks for holding up your end of the deal."

  34. Thank You! review by Richard S. on 8/3/2015

    "I just received my CVA Optima package today. This thing is absolutely amazing, the pictures do not do this thing justice, this thing is incredible. I didn't even want to take it out of the case, I had to leave it in there. I might have to buy another one to use and just keep this one as a family heirloom. Again, thank you very much this thing is incredible. I don't wanna shoot it, I need to go buy gloves in order to take it out of the case, but I'm not going to touch it, it's that cool. Thank you very much."

  35. Awesome Rifle review by Jeff C. on 8/2/2015

    "Great rifle, amazing right out of the box!"

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