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  • CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020S

CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020S

While the new Optima V2 shares the name of its popular predecessor, this second version gun has been re-designed with many new features. Modeled after CVA’s top-of-the-line Accura V2, the Optima V2 features the same trigger-guard with actuated breeching lever, internal parts, and neutral center-of-gravity trigger. 



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While the new Optima V2 shares the name of its popular predecessor, this second version gun has been re-designed with many new features. Modeled after CVA’s top-of-the-line Accura V2, the Optima V2 features the same trigger-guard with actuated breeching lever, internal parts, and neutral center-of-gravity trigger. This muzzleloader also features CVA’s Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP), which is easily removed with your fingers, NO tools required. The Optima V2’s 100% ambidextrous stock, and CrushZone recoil pad make this gun one of the most comfortable you will ever shoot. The Optima has more quality features than any other muzzleloading rifle in its price range. 

Equipped with a 26” stainless steel fluted barrel, the Optima V2 is easy to maneuver in the tree stand or in tight spots and comfortable to carry in the mountains. The V2 comes standard with a DuraSight® Fiber Optic Sights and CVA’s solid aluminum PalmSaver Ramrod. When compared to its competitors, the Optima V2 muzzleloader includes many features you won’t find anywhere else for the price.

26” Stainless Steel Barrel
Bullet Guiding Muzzle
100% Ambidextrous Standard Stock
QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
Solid Aluminum PalmSaver™ Ramrod
Reversible Hammer Spur
CrushZone® Recoil Pad
Overall Length
41" OAL
DuraSight® DEAD-ON™ One-Piece Scope Mount
6.65 lbs. Total Weight
Length of Pull
14" LOP
Drilled & Tapped for Scope Mount and Sights
Lifetime Warranty
CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020S

CVA Optima™ V2 - PR2020S.

Rating: 4.9/5 based on 10 review(s)
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  1. Accurate, reliable, weather-proof review by Nick on 3/29/2020

    "I bought one of these 6 years ago to ML hunt in New England. Since then I've hunted with it across the Northeast and Upper Midwest. I've mostly hunted with my buddy who has a fancy camo Accura and I've outshot him each time. It's trusty, accurate, easy to point, and easy to clean. Trigger is basically perfect. The best part is how weatherproof it is with the SS barrel. I keep pretty good care of this most of the time, but there have been 10-day hunting trips where it got little care it came out just fine. Just make sure to keep an oiled cloth around if things get wet and you'll be good.

    I bought it in this setup, but over the years I've replaced the sights with a PeepRib by Eabco, added a sling, and swapped out the plug for one that lets me shoot Blackhorn 209. I'm adding a scope this summer. It's easily accurate out to 120, and I'm sure beyond that. I just haven't really stretched it with a scope up top. We'll see what happens in NE with one this year.

    Couple drawbacks: it's easy to let your thumb interfere with the hammer, which will result in a failure to fire. I thought it was a misfire the first time I did it, but eventually I realized it's likely a safety feature that the hammer has to hit with its full force in order to set the gun off, so even if your finger just brushed the hammer as it falls, the gun won't fire. That's mostly user error on my part, but something to look out for. Also, the trigger assembly is supposed to be extremely complicated. I've been warned about taking it apart and have never tried it myself, unlike with many of my other guns. So if you like to tinker, keep that in mind. Finally, some people report that the break-open lever is too loose and they accidentally activate it when going for the trigger. I've never found that to be the case with mine

    Summary: if I needed to replace it, I'd probably buy it again. I also hear really good things about the T/C Impact, although I don't know if they make a SS version, which is a huge advantage of the Optima at this price point. I will say that if know you're getting a CVA, then get this one. It's worth upgrading from the Wolf for the extra barrel length and SS material, and the Accura is not really much of an upgrade for a lot more money.

    Now, buy a muzzleloader already and go shoot some game meat."

  2. Straight shooting and good price review by Sunbear on 12/1/2019

    "This is my first muzzleloader and I used it for an elk hunt in NM. I would say that did a great job at communicating with me when they seen that I had made the wrong choose with the primers that I had picked. They made a call to clear it up before shipping and then the shipping was fast.
    After taking it out to sight it in I only did 10 practice shoots and felt very good with how straight that it shot. As I said before it was my first muzzleloader and it shot so good that I only needed one shot at about 80 yards to bag my first elk. Thank you again for a great purchase."

  3. Great Gun! review by Derek on 2/28/2019

    "The box arrived in great shape and the condition of my muzzleloader was perfect. I was very pleased with the quality of the materials used in my gun especially the trigger and the barrel. I did compare it to Traditions G4 Ultra Light and T/C and found the better value to be CVA. It does weigh almost a pound more than the others but the accuracy is worth the slightly higher weight. I found the accuracy to be excellent with open sights. (110grains 777 and Winchester 209 primer, 245 grain Powerbelt Aero Tip) Another great feature is that you can completely remove the barrel from the stock and hand guards which makes it so much easier to clean. You can also remove the firing pin and retainer spring for easy cleaning. Overall this gun is a great value with a lot of well thought out features. "

  4. Good gun, needs improvements to open sights review by Max on 8/22/2018

    "Overall this seems to be a very good gun. I am in a state that requires open/iron sights. I tried to move the rear sight back to the scope mount holes, but sadly the screws are the wrong size. It would have been very nice if the holes were the same size. Sadly, this means I need to go elsewhere to figure out better sight options. At least I could buy it without a scope."

  5. Best black powder ever review by Tim on 7/25/2018

    "Can't say enough about this gun I'm new at muzzle loading and I'm telling telling you it is so hard to figure out what will work for you. Well I did my home work and choose this cva optima v2 after help answering any question I had left from muzzle loader .com wich they are very helpful I am now the proud owner of this cva optima v2 easiest gun to figure out. Thanks I will be a return customer. "

  6. Was not disappointed! review by Gunner C on 1/27/2018

    "I bought this to replace my 20 y/o T/C Triumph. It's accuracy was degrading even after meticulous care and when I contacted T/C they gave me the smoke up my butt routine. So I decided to try the Accrua and I was not disappointed. Mounted a Nikon and had it easily shooting sub 1.5 MOA groups with Black MZ.. I went deer hunting during our muzzleloader season to make it a blood rifle but alas no deer came into my hunt area, next year. Time will tell if it will maintain accuracy but being stainless steel I have no doubts. But I will still clean it as well as I did the T/C."

  7. TACK DRIVER review by JOE WILSON on 1/5/2018

    "right out of the box with no adjustment to the sights. 25,50 and 100 yard shots were all bulls eyes. very happy with this gun. great fit and finish. nice fiber optic sights. easy to load even with sabots. great product, price can't be beat, and good companies to deal with. both CVA, and A+
    Thank you!"

  8. Phenomenal In-Line- Best prices- Doesn't get any better review by Wayne F Bauer on 12/9/2016

    "Purchased the CVA Optima for my son in-law- Christmas gift. I checked a multitude of other sellers and was by far best price around- on sale to boot. Email correspondence and Customer service was superior. Immediate delivery & shipment, received package in 2-3 days. Packaged very well- rifle was in perfect condition when received. I highly recommend for all your muzzle loading needs. I will be doing business with them in the future."

  9. Great inline muzzleloader review by Timothy Schmitt on 8/26/2015

    "I have had my optima one season and while I didn't have the chance for game it fired flawlessly after seven wet days in the wilderness, very easy to empty without discharging. Good price, easy and simple to clean and plenty accurate using round ball or power belts, never used sabots. A great inline muzzy. "

  10. Thank You! review by Richard S. on 8/3/2015

    "I just received my CVA Optima package today. This thing is absolutely amazing, the pictures do not do this thing justice, this thing is incredible. I didn't even want to take it out of the case, I had to leave it in there. I might have to buy another one to use and just keep this one as a family heirloom. Again, thank you very much this thing is incredible. I don't wanna shoot it, I need to go buy gloves in order to take it out of the case, but I'm not going to touch it, it's that cool. Thank you very much."

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