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  • Traditions™ Buckstalker Youth Muzzleloader

Traditions™ Buckstalker Youth Muzzleloader

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  1. Excellent review by Robert D Jones sr on 12/20/2019

    Ordered this muzzleloader for my 2 granddaughters. Both 9 yrs old.They arrived so fast 1 of my grandaughters has already killed 2 deer with it.Arrived so fast and pleased with quality and service from this company.

  2. Great Rifle, Period review by Ryan on 9/25/2019

    I purchased this rifle for my 12 year old daughter. I live in IL, so for deer season we are pretty limited here for choice of weapon. I was either going to get her a 20 gauge or a muzzleloader. I wanted to tailor the loads and wanted the accuracy of a rifle, so we went with the muzzleloader. I also needed something with a relatively short length of pull. This muzzleloader is great in all regards- accurate, easy to clean, breech plug is easily removed, and the ramrod is very convenient the way it is designed. I have used a variety of bullets with this gun and I find that the most accurate is a combination of the orange sabot (MMP?) with a 300grn Barnes spitzer bullet. I love the fact that the Federal Bore Loc are so easy to load, but I simply don't get the tight groups with those (out of this gun or my Remington Ultimate). This rifle is tremendous bang for the buck (no pun intended) and if I didn't already have my Remington I wouldn't mind using this muzzleloader myself.

  3. Excellent rifle and for the price it is amazingly accurate and easy to clean. review by james on 8/20/2018

    I bought this little rifle for my 14y/o daughter to use since this was one of only two rifles I could find that was designed for youth. The only other option being a Knight that was questionable whether it will work with BH209 powder and costs twice as much as the Traditions. So I went with this Buckstalker and I am glad that I did. I started with 80 gr. of Blackhorn and a crush rib sabot with 250 gr. Hornady xtp but these would not shoot well. The 100 yard groups were around 3" after getting it dialed in on target. I then tried the 300 gr. xtp with the exact same load, and now I had 3 shots touching in the same hole at 100 yards. This comfirmed the same thing I have seen with 4 different manufacturers of muzzle loaders, they all seem to shoot the 300 gr. bullets much better than anything lighter I have tried. This little gem shoots better than my $800 muzzle loader, it is light and handy, yet does not kick too bad with this load at all. Great buy!

  4. Did the job review by Don on 11/16/2017

    Bought this muzzleloader for my daughter. We sighted it in and it held a nice group at 100 yds. She got her first deer with it a couple of days ago. Really happy with what I got for the money.

  5. Good Service! review by Jim Cuddeback on 6/14/2017

    Fast and efficient service. Rifle arrived about 6 days after order placed.

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