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  • Hodgdon® Triple Seven 777 - FireStar™ Pellets Black Powder Substitute .50 Caliber 33 Grains (60 Pack)Hodgdon® Triple Seven 777 - FireStar™ Pellets Black Powder Substitute .50 Caliber 33 Grains (60 Pack)

Hodgdon® Triple Seven 777 - FireStar™ Pellets Black Powder Substitute .50 Caliber 33 Grains (60 Pack)

Model: HT7FS

Clean-burning, sulfur-free and odorless (60 Pack)
33-grain, easy-loading, made for 209 ignitions


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Hodgdon® Triple Seven® FireStar™ Pellets are designed specifically for modern, 50-caliber inline muzzleloaders using 209 primer ignitions. The FireStar™ Pellets feature a revolutionary, star-shaped geometric design, which sports longitudinal grooves that provide more surface area for ignition. The result of this unique shape is a pellet that is cleaner burning, resulting in reduced “crud ring” development.

The Hodgdon 777 FireStar™ pellets produce a higher velocity shot, delivering up to a 50 feet per second increase over similar 100-grain loads. The FireStar™ Pellets come in grain weights of approximately 33 grains per pellet, and three pellets constitute a 100-grain equivalent load. This pellet burns cleaner, which reduces residue and creates higher velocities than any other pellet on the market.

Hodgdon® Triple Seven™ Pellets are formed charges of loose Triple Seven™ muzzleloader powder made from gluconic acid, a sugar-based propellant that is more efficient than Blackpowder or Pyrodex. The pellets are sulfur-free and leave no noxious odor after firing, and they burn efficiently leaving less residue to simplify cleaning. Plus there is no need for powder measures or flasks, and you won't have to worry about messy powder spills.

These Triple Seven™ premeasured, compressed pellets are designed for use in .50 Caliber Inline Rifles with 209 shotshell primers only. A single pellet can be used for target or small game, and three 33-grain pellets can be used to create the 100-grain equivalent for big game. Each container come equipped with 60 pellets in each pack, which gives the shooter 20-60 shots depending on shooter preference. Developed for today’s modern muzzleloader, the Triple Seven™  FireStar Pellets load fast and clean up quickly and easily with plain hot water. For fast, easy loading with instant ignition, give Hodgdon® Triple Seven™ Pellets a shot.

NOTE: All hazmat items MUST be signed for in person upon delivery by persons 18 years or older.

 **Do not exceed the loads displayed in the loading guide. Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source. Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.

Reduces Fouling
Clean Powder
Higher Velocities
Primers Needed
Hodgdon® Triple Seven 777 - FireStar™ Pellets Black Powder Substitute .50 Caliber 33 Grains (60 Pack)

Hodgdon® Triple Seven 777 - FireStar™ Pellets Black Powder Substitute .50 Caliber 33 Grains (60 Pack).

Rating: 3.4/5 based on 5 review(s)
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  1. Not Good review by Scott on 8/19/2019

    "Shooting CVA Accura V2. Leaves barrel very dirty and accuracy was laughable. Cleaned barrel after each shot then after two shots, with no change. 5-6" groups at 100 yards with 99 grains. "

  2. Amazing Product review by Joseph Frank on 6/6/2019

    "Would recommend to anyone looking to get that extra bit of precision and velocity. Great product design and easy to clean up after. "

  3. Great product review by Thomas Robinson on 2/2/2019

    "In my CVA Accura they stack bullets at 50. Sub moa at 200. Never shot more than 9 without cleaning. But in my gun they didn't seem much dirtier than blackhorn."

  4. Best ever review by Bryce Shelton on 12/4/2018

    "I will be using these exclusively from now on. Will be giving my old propellants away as I won’t be needing them. What I’m most impressed with is the ease at which my T/C cleaned up after a day at the range. These cut my cleaning time by 2/3. Deadly accurate and a substantial increase in velocity. Only downside is cost . "

  5. WORST PROPELLANT I'VE EVER USED! review by Robert Marcario on 10/31/2018

    "These things are an absolute joke! For starters, they leave a carbon ring about three inches above the breech plug which gets larger with every shot. After several shots you can not push the bullet past it. The accuracy I got from using three pellets (100 grain equivalent) could be measured in feet - not inches! I tried several different bullets with the same results. The gun was a CVA Optima which has always shot very well using 100 grains of Blackhorn powder and Black Belt 245 grain bullets. Don't waste you money like I did on these crappy pellets!"

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