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Thompson Center® Shock Wave™ Sabots Polymer Tip Spire Point Bullets - 200-300 Grains


15 or 30 pack, Controlled Expansion Bullets
.50 Cal Mag Express™ Sabots, 200 to 300 Grain


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The Thompson Center® Shockwave™ Sabots feature a spire point bullet with a polymer tip that is exclusively designed as a muzzleloading sabot bullet.  The Shockwave™ incorporates modern technology previously applied only to centerfire rifle bullets to introduce these bullets as high impact muzzleloader sabots.

The Shockwaves™ polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient for sustained velocity down range, and facilitates rapid expansion that delivers destructive penetration upon impact. The bullet has a hard lead core, while bullet walls are interlocked with the saboted jacket for both maximum weight retention and expansion. 

Mag Express® Sabots are designed to be used with jacketed or lead pistol bullets. Not only do they load easily, they are designed to separate from the projectile quickly. This rapid separation means superior accuracy, as the projectile is not influenced by the drag of the sabot while on its way to your target.

The Thompson Center® Shockwave™ Bullets are as advanced as today’s Muzzleloaders and propellants, and specifically made for black powder muzzleloading rifle use. To get better performance with faster kills and better tracking trails, give these Shockwave™ Bullets a shot.

Bullet Weight
200 TO 300 GRAINS
Package Quantity
15 & 30 PACKS
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 200 Grains
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 250 Grains
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 300 Grains
Thompson Center® Shock Wave™ Sabots Polymer Tip Spire Point Bullets - 200-300 Grains

Thompson Center® Shock Wave™ Sabots Polymer Tip Spire Point Bullets - 200-300 Grains.

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  1. Consistent review by Charley on 11/28/2019

    "Just tried these out of my 28in optima with 100grns pyrodex pellets. It's holding a 1.2 inch group at 150yrds. I'm very pleased. Going to try a little more powder at some point just for velocity and flatter trajectory. "

  2. Accurate and deadly review by Rj on 1/8/2018

    "Shot sub moa groups at 100 yards. was worried about performance on game but was suprised when i shoulder shot a deer qaurtering to me. It dropped in its tracks and bob-sleded down the hill my only disappointment was there was no heart and liver left to eat. The load out of my cva wolf is 100gr 777 and Remington clean bore primers."

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