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PowerBelt™ Platinum Aerotip Bullets - 270-338 Grain


15 pack - Platinum Bullets
.50 Caliber, 270-338 Grain


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The Platinum Aerotip™ Bullets are revolutionary in design and performance made specifically for hunters who desire incredible knock-down power without compromising ballistic performance. These PowerBelt™ full caliber bullets leave little plastic residue behind, and can be shot up to eight times before the recommended barrel swab is required. They are exceptionally easy to load due to the bullets .001” under bore diameter. The PowerBelt patented, snap-on base gas seal eliminates gas blow by, and at the same time gives optimal flight performance and down range accuracy you require.

The Platinum Aerotip™ is the pinnacle bullet in the PowerBelt™ line with an aerodynamic-enhanced utlra-smooth finish, fluted, large diameter gas check for an accuracy-enhanced tight fit, and smaller hollow-point cavity for controlled expansion. The bullets also handle magnum loads easily and deliver superior accuracy, high muzzle velocity, and optimal expansion on game. Powerbelt™ produces over 7 million muzzleloader bullets annually, making them the largest muzzleloading bullet manufacturer in the world.

Bullet Weight
270 to 338 GRAINS
Package Quantity
Bullet Caliber
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 270 Grains
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 300 Grains
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 338 Grains
PowerBelt™ Platinum Aerotip Bullets - 270-338 Grain

PowerBelt™ Platinum Aerotip Bullets - 270-338 Grain.

Rating: 4.7/5 based on 12 review(s)
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  1. Great round for my CVA's review by Brett on 1/3/2020

    "I've used the 270gr platinum for a number of years now in my 07' Wolf, 14' Optima V2 and now my Accura V2 LR. I have to say
    they perform excellent and very easy to load. I use these with (2) 100gr white hots and I always get dead on accuracy up to 300
    yards. I'll never change. "

  2. Powerbelt Platinum 270 Grain Bullets review by Timothy Sturgill on 12/5/2019

    " I have tried other bullets but I come back to what's working best in my CVA Optima V2 LR Nitride 28" .50 caliber rifle I bought from here & the Power belt Platinum's are a truly Magnum Bullet in every since of the word they group much better than I had ever hoped for & the cost isn't bad I teamed up the Alliant Blue MZ 50 grain pellets with my Power Belt Platinum's & using the 3 pellet Magnum Load I am thrilled with the outstanding accuracy of these AWESOME BULLETS .If your are wanting a Magnum Bullet then look no further that the Power Belt Platinum 270 Grain "

  3. This is an awesome product, period. review by Blackpowder01 on 11/29/2019

    "These bullets blow my socks off they are awesome. I had a one inch group at 150 yards. I shot them out of a Thompson center encore with 150 grains of pyrodex 50/50 powder and they preformed amazing. Best bullets I have found so far!"

  4. Fast delivery review by Great Round! on 5/6/2019

    "I bought the Platinums in 338 grain to shoot in my CVA Accura V2; with 150 grains of white hot pellets I am extremely happy with the accuracy- 3 shot groups (then clean/swap barrel) are all touching and most of the time through the same holes at 50 yards. I am going to back up to 100yds and 150; if all is still good I'm going to test terminal ballistics in gellatin. "

  5. Did the job on big bull but fragmented and didn't retain weight. review by Jason D on 9/28/2018

    "I made an 80 yard shot on a herd bull, open sights on a Winchester apex 209 in-line, CCI magnum primer, 110 grains of Black Horn 209, and 300 grain platinum areolite.( Colorado muzzleloader requirements ) shot was just behind the front shoulder, double lung, not much bone, and I found what was left of the bullet In the hide on the opposite side, no shoulder contact. The bull took a step back stood for about a minute, and fell over dead. The key was shot placement. Any shoulder, and it would have been a long tracking job. I also shot this round at 100 yards into 12"s of wet newspaper, same results, no mushroom at all, bullet fragmented. "

  6. easy to load,very accurate review by Greg Hastings on 11/10/2017

    "I have used the power best arero tip for the last 2 yrs in my cva accura I have shot 2 deer with it. I hit ribs this year last year I did not. But neither bullet expanded hardly at all. I did retrieve both deer but they did run about a hundred yards. So that is why I gave a rating of 3 stars."

  7. Great products and exellent service review by Mark Davis on 10/27/2016

    "My order was shipped promptly and the service was exeptional"

  8. Accurate review by Elliot on 10/9/2016

    "This was the very first & last bullet I tested in my CVA Optima V2. 120 g of Blackhorn 209, and that was it! 3 out of the 4 bullets touching at 150 yards! No need to try anything else. "

  9. Great with my CVA! review by Cade M. on 1/5/2016

    "These perform very well at the range in my CVA Accura V2. Can't wait for deer hunting season!"

  10. Easy to Load review by Robert T. on 1/5/2016

    "I've tried many different bullets in my various muzzleloaders, but this one by far has been the best. Using magnum loads of 150 gr of pyrodex pellets is the most accurate. It is also the easiest bullet I have ever loaded. Even on a reload, the bullet slides right down the barrel with no real effort. Thanks!"

  11. Accurate Bullets review by Beau M. on 1/5/2016

    "These bullets are accurate! Hit hard and destroy anything they hit. Easiest and best seating bullet I've ever loaded. Can load these back to back without having to scrub the barrel out. Slides in smooth and easy. Made muzzleloading easy."

  12. Works well with my Accura review by Guy F. on 1/5/2016

    "Bought these with my CVA Accura and I couldn't be happier with the performance of both! Very easy to load and accurate."

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