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PowerBelt™ Paramount ELR Muzzleloader Bullets - .45 Cal 280 Grain Bullets


15 pack - Paramount ELR Muzzleloader Bullets
.45 Caliber, 280 Grain Bullets


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The PowerBelt™ Paramount ELR Muzzleloader Bullets are revolutionary in design and performance. Made specifically for use with the CVA™ Paramount Muzzleloader Rifle, the PowerBelt Paramount ELR bullets are designed for shooters who require long-range power and accuracy, without compromising ballistic performance. These .45 caliber bullets feature an incredibly high ballistic coefficient for flatter trajectories and higher velocities than other muzzleloader bullets on the market today. The extended ballistic tip is designed to enhance accuracy, ballistic coefficient, as well as proper expansion on game with minimal fragmentation.

The PowerBelt™ ELR full caliber bullets leave little plastic residue behind and can be shot up to eight times before the recommended barrel swab is required. They are exceptionally easy to load due to the bullets being manufactured .001” under bore diameter. The patented PowerBelt™ Snap-On Base gas seal eliminates gas blow by, and at the same time gives optimal flight performance and down range accuracy you require. The base of the Paramount bullet is designed for the higher powder volumes out of the Paramount Muzzleloader, offering a tighter gas seal, while still loading significantly easier than comparable sabots. 

The PowerBelt™ Paramount ELR is the pinnacle bullet in the PowerBelt™ line with an aerodynamic-enhanced ultra-smooth finish, fluted, large diameter gas check for an accuracy-enhanced tight fit, and smaller hollow-point cavity for controlled expansion. Powerbelt™ produces over 7 million muzzleloader bullets annually, making them the largest muzzleloading bullet manufacturer in the world.

Note: To ensure proper seating and to maintain optimal performance of the ELR bullet it is recommended to use the CVA Paramount™ ELR Bullet Loading Tip - AC1722. Purchase the loading tip here: ELR Loading Tip AC1722

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PowerBelt™ Paramount ELR Muzzleloader Bullets - .45 Cal 280 Grain Bullets

PowerBelt™ Paramount ELR Muzzleloader Bullets - .45 Cal 280 Grain Bullets.

Rating: 4.6/5 based on 5 review(s)
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  1. Phenomenal review by Aaron Thesing on 4/8/2020

    "These are without a doubt the most accurate muzzleloader projectiles on the market today. I am cutting bullet holes at 100 yards, and the energy transfer is insane. I have these scooting out of my barrel at 2,170 FPS and for a 280 grain bullet, that’s quick. Plenty of energy and knock down power for anything in North America, and I will be using these for Bear this fall. "

  2. Bullets shoot and perform awsome!! review by Muzzyguy15 on 10/3/2019

    "I have shot these in my three 45 caliber muzzleloaders and the have shot sub 3/4 MOA in all of them. This last weekend we shot two mule deer with them, one at 45 yards and one at 410 yard quartering away. The one at 45 had about a 3 inch entrance and a 50 cal sized exit. The 410 yard shot entered in the last rib and exited through the off side shoulder and the deer didn't go more than 10 yards. The bullets performed flawslessly!!"

  3. Very good review by Jacob pehrson on 9/1/2019

    "I just got back from the range with my new cva accura v2 LR 45cal these bullets work asome I didn't know about the special loading jag I just used my spin jag and hands down the best 45cal bullet I have ever used I got 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards going to a different range tomorrow to shoot around 300 yards I have no doubt that this gun with this bullet will have very good groups at that yardage the only thing that I am going to mention is that I am getting a vari flame breech plug and it will shoot with those long range rifles I can talk about this all night I have 15 different muzzaloaders and this one is my favorite I will be shooting these bullets out of my other .45cal "

  4. Bummer review by John on 8/22/2019

    "Purchased these and come to find that you will have to have their $12.00 loading jag to be able to load, should be disclosed on the ELR page so 1 you could chose to not buy or 2 buy loading jag at the same time you purchase the bullets, thus saving on shipping and having to pay the undisclosed $5.00 signature fee that they put on unloaded ammo, as for the bullets, look like they could do the job, but will have to wait till I can find a jag so as not to ruin a $2.00 per bullet ELR , looks like the jags are on backorder, put a little note that they require a deeper loading jag ! "

  5. Great Bullets! review by Jeff C. on 6/28/2018

    "Work perfectly with the CVA Paramount rifle."

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