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PowerBelt® AeroTip Copper™ Bullets - 245-405 Grain


15 pack - Copper Aerotip Bullets
.50 Caliber, 245-405 Grain


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PowerBelt™ Copper™ Bullets are both revolutionary in design and performance. These Copper AeroTips™ are perfect for taking deer-sized game at ranges up to 200 yards. Unlike sabots, these bullets are full bore conicals and leave little plastic residue behind. PowerBelt™ Bullets can be shot up to eight times before the recommended barrel swab is required. Due to their .001” under bore diameter, they are particularly easy to load. PowerBelt's patented snap-on base gas seal eliminates gas blow by, while at the same time, gives you the optimal flight performance and down range accuracy you desire.

PowerBelt™ manufactures over 7 million muzzleloader bullets every year, making them the largest muzzleloading bullets manufacturer in the world.

Bullet Weight
245 TO 405 GRAINS
Package Quantity
Bullet Caliber
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 245 Grains
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 295 Grains
G1 Ballistic Coefficient - 405 Grains
PowerBelt® AeroTip Copper™ Bullets - 245-405 Grain

PowerBelt® AeroTip Copper™ Bullets - 245-405 Grain.

Rating: 4.6/5 based on 5 review(s)
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  1. Colorado Mule Deer Hunt review by Nolan Whisenhun on 12/31/2018

    "This is a fantastic round. I highly recommend this round to anyone. I shot my mule deer at 108yds and blew out his lungs. The deer was dead before he even hit the ground. I used a T/C Pro Hunter .50cal with a 295gr bullet and 120 grains of FFFG Triple Powder. My buddy had the same success with the same combination on the hunt. He killed his elk at 12yds and it was more than enough to do the job. Great Bullet!"

  2. HAMMER review by Chuck on 11/7/2017

    "The 295gr. hits like a hammer on southeastern NC whitetails. I have had good luck with this bullet being pushed by 2 White Hots out of a CVA Optima V2,only had 1 so far that did not drop where it stood and it only went about 10 yards.
    I tried the 250gr.SSTs and the rifle did not like them,I shoot them out of a CVA Wolf and they are deadly accurate but the Ol'Optima loves a PowerBelt."

  3. Great bullets!!! review by Adam on 12/1/2016

    "I have been using these bullets for 8 years now. They have put MANY deer down with no problem. 245gr is what I prefer. Very accurate as well. Great grouping at 100yds. I had been using pellets, but 2 years ago switched to blackhorn which has only made the performance even better. I would recommend this bullet to anyone!"

  4. Great performer! review by Chester on 1/5/2016

    "Powerbelt bullets are the answer to all my muzzleloading problems. I have been trying to find the right bullet/powder/sabot combination for the last few years and I have finally found the answer. Trash the sabot and shoot the new Powerbelt Bullets. After buying a new Remington 700 MLS 50 caliber rifle a few years ago, I naturally wanted to shoot sabots and lots of Pyrodex to get flat shooting, hard hitting loads. I started with 100 grains of Pyrodex and a 44 caliber, 240 grain Hornady pistol bullet in a plastic sabot. The rifle shot pretty good but the more I shot it the worse the accuracy got. I cleaned it and cleaned it again but I would not feel comfortable shooting past 50 yards with it.

    Then the real fun started when I switched to Pyrodex pellets. The bullets started flying all over the place and the sabots were being ripped to shreds. I changed to MAGNUM sabots (who ever heard of such a thing?) and things got a little better, but not good enough. I was ready to sell the Remington and buy a new rifle, but fortunately saw O'Neill Williams' TV show on black powder hunting before I made the change . O'Neill is a pretty straight shooter, (with advise or a muzzleloader), so based on his recommendation, I tried some Powerbelt Bullets.

    Powerbelt bullets are made expressly for muzzleloaders. The Aero Tip bullets look like big fat Nosler BallisticTip rifle bullets with a plastic gas check on the base. Powerbelts have a thin copper jacket and come in .45, .50 and .54 caliber. Each caliber has several choices of weights. One thing that is not readily apparent is that the slug is slightly under size for the bore and very easy to load. There is much less resistance felt when loading a Powerbelt than a sabot load. The company says the bullet actually expands when fired to fill the riffling of the barrel. I don't understand all the engineering, but I can tell you it works. They are very accurate and that streamlined design retains energy for hard hitting power.

    My Remington 700 will shoot Powerbelts into 2" groups at 100 yards. Nothing has ever come close to that accuracy before. ThePowerbelt web site has lots more info and lists all the available bullet weights for each caliber. And for Ballistics Junkies like me, they have provided ballistics tables for all the bullets. To give you an idea of how well these little beauties perform, a .50 caliber 245 grain Aero Tip backed by 150 grains of Pyrodex will have over 1000 foot pounds of energy at 200 yards!! Sighted in for a 150 yard zero, the trajectory is only 2.25" high at 100 yards and only 5.8" at low at 200 yards.

    I can't say enough about how well they shoot and can't wait to get out in the woods this fall. I have total confidence in the Powerbelts and my old Remington. No doubt about it, this combo can put the venison on the table this year."

  5. Accurate in my TC Encore but NOT a bullet for deer! review by Carl K. on 1/5/2016

    "I have shot several deer at 50-60 yds with 100 gr triple-7 pellets. Each deer was shot in the chest (heart/lung); none had exit hole. The bullet pancakes upon impact, causing a lot of blood loss beneath the hide, but with one exception there was little to no blood trail. One buck required second shot to put it down and I only found it because he ran beneath stand that my neighbor happened to be hunting in. In my opinion this is not an effective or humane bullet for deer. If deer I shot had run into thick brush I probably would have never found them due to little to no blood trail due to no exit wound. I can't imagine hitting a deer in shoulder with one of these bullets; I suspect most deer hit this way w aerotip would not be recoverable. I have not tried the powerbelt HP bullet.

    In my Encore I now use 250 gr Barnes T-EZ with supplied sabots and 60 gr by weight Blackhorn 209 w remington 20 primer. I am getting 1" or less groups at 100 yds bench rest, and the all copper Barnes bullets are devastating. Have also used Hornady XTP pistol bullets, which have lower sectional density, but perform great, at least at 50-75 yards w chest shot. Sabot choice is key; if you are having trouble getting accruate results from your MZ, the first thing to try is a different sabot, second would be different bullet. Least influential is powder charge, assuming you are in the ballpark to start with."

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