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  • PowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets - 250 GrainPowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets - 250 Grain

PowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets - 250 Grain

Model: AC1550AT

15 pack - AC1550AT
.50 Caliber, 250 Grain


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PowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets are revolutionary in their performance and design. The Aerolite is specifically designed for 100 grain propellant charges, and unlike the sabots, these bullets are full caliber in size. The Aerolite is longer in length, thus creating better flight stability and allowing it to shoot flatter. PowerBelt™ Bullets leave little plastic residue behind and can be shot up to eight times before the recommended barrel swab is required. They are extremely easy to load due to their .001” under bore diameter. PowerBelt's patented snap-on on base gas seal eliminates gas blow by, and gives you the optimal flight performance and down range accuracy you desire. 

PowerBelt™ manufactures over 7 milllion muzzleloader bullets every year, making them the largest muzzleloading bullets manufacturer in the world.

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PowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets - 250 Grain

PowerBelt™ Aerolite Bullets - 250 Grain.

Rating: 4.9/5 based on 25 review(s)
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  1. Great accuracy review by Matt on 3/11/2020

    "Easily sighted in at 100yds took doe at 25yds dropped immediately with nice exit hole in off shoulder shoot great and so much easier to load for my daughter "

  2. 2-Shots review by Tom on 1/8/2020

    "Have struggled with getting a tight pattern with my CVA Optima Pro. Read a few articles that pointed to the Powerbelt Aerolight in 250 grain. In 2-shots I was in a 1" pattern at 65 yards. Couldn't be happier."

  3. Great bullet review by 444 marlin on 11/6/2019

    "My son and me both shot a doe each this year with this bullet with 100 grain pellet charge found both deer within 50 yards .
    5 STAR"

  4. Awesome bullet review by Jim C on 9/28/2019

    "I shot a nice deer at 110 yards down a very step hill. Hit where I was aiming and dropped it in it's tracks. First time doing that with a muzzleloader. Easy to load and very accurate. Highly recommend."

  5. PowerBelt review by John on 6/27/2019

    "The bullet goes straight through does not open you want one to open up like a nickel to make A good blood trail blood "

  6. deadly review by ty b. on 4/27/2019

    "Just what i was looking for 1" groups at 100 yrds in my cva optima pro with bushnell doa 250 scope. cant wait till next deer season."

  7. Update on last review review by Eric H on 11/12/2018

    "My son continued to hunt elk through the black powder season ending on Nov. 8. He was successful in using the 250 gr Aerolite over 90 gr of Blackhorn 209 in a CVA Optima LR on two antlerless elk. The first was a cow shot at a ranged 162 yds, the Aerolite landing to the rear of the rib cage, penetrating completely through both sides, destroying liver and a bit of lung. That cow ran 40 yds and bedded, got up again, went 75 yds and bedded, to be shot again through the neck. Had we let her lie, the first shot was absolutely fatal. The second was a calf shot in the neck offhand at 192 yds. Of course the bullet fully penetrated and the animal dropped instantly. Again, probably should have waited. My son reloaded before walking up on the calf which was a good plan because somehow it jumped up and trotted off with a thumb sized hole through the neck, which was full of bone fragments, only to be stopped by the second shot at 50 yds which again hit ribcage and liver but this time did not penetrate through, nor was it found under the hide on the opposite side. It made another 50 yds before piling up in the young aspen grove. I did not have time in the cold and dark to do a full necropsy while we boned it out; I presume the second Aerolite hit it going above the 1800 FPS recommended velocity (over the chronograph it usually hits 1875 FPS 12 feet from the muzzle) and probably flattened completely while destroying the liver and lungs, or as it was a quartering shot, it penetrated forward deep into the chest cavity and stopped against the ribs. We will never know. However, in my opinion, considering the shot placement and distance on both animals, I don’t know how a muzzleloader bullet could have performed any better! Needless to say, I’m a raving fan of the 250 gr Powerbelt Aerolite! They just plain work."

  8. Very Accurate review by Michael on 11/6/2018

    "These work great in my CVA Wolf. I was having a tough time zeroing my Traditions Buckhunter with sabots. I tried these bullets and had it zeroed dead on at 50 yards in three rounds. I’m giving all of my sabots away and sticking with these. Nice that both rifles like these Powerbelt Aerolites."

  9. Outstanding performance on Mule Deer over 5 years review by Eric H. on 10/12/2018

    "After our most recent muzzleloader mule deer hunt, I need to report on this great bullet. This year we, as a group, filled 7 of 8 tags. 6 of the 7 were deer shot with Powerbelt Aerolite 250 Gr. .50 cal bullets. Two were shot at 200 yds, one shot kills. Two were shot at 180 yds and one of those, because of a poor first (gut) shot, required a second. One (mine) was at 60 yds. The 6th was a one shot kill off a stable rest at a ranged 285 yds. The deer went 10 yds and dropped with a through and through hole from heart, lung, liver and a bit of paunch.
    Over the past 5 years, as a family group, we have shot 17 deer with this bullet out of our (mostly CVA) muzzleloaders. Three have required a second shot because of a poorly placed first one. No deer has ever escaped after being wounded. None has gone over 100 yds after being wounded, even with a gutshot. Only one bullet has been recovered, in the one shot at 60 yds. It was fired over 100 gr of BK209 and was probably going faster than the recommended 1800fps when it struck and immediately dropped the animal. The recovered weight is 123gr and it is as flat as one can be and still be recognizable as a bullet.
    Bottom line is I'm a huge fan of the Powerbelt Aerolite! How can one argue with such accurate, deadly performance?"

  10. Two hundred yards... Full penetration review by Bon Justy on 9/28/2018

    "Me and my family shot three Utah bucks this year with 250 grain aerolites. Two were shot at just over 200 yards. Bullets went in just behind the shoulders and exited opposite shouldes. One dropped in it's tracks and the other made it 20 yards. Perfect performance!!! The third buck was at 50 yards and the deer was trotting broadside. The bullet was placed a little too far back but it nicked the liver and the deer went down. The bullet was found in the opposite hide and was pancaked. Incredible energy transfer and very effective. Excellent bullets!!!"

  11. Aerolites review by Doug on 12/15/2016

    "Amazing is all I can say!!! I just started getting into muzzle loading to extend my deer season so I recently purchased a CVA Wolf for the reasonable price. I am shooting the Power belt Aero Lite 250 grain, two white hot pellets and Winchester 209 shot shell primers and the results were awesome...3 shot groups less than 1" at 100 yards with two shots almost cutting the same hole. I can wait to try them in the field. "

  12. Deadly accurate with 100 grains wh review by Widowmaker on 12/13/2016

    "I recently shot an 8 point on the run at 100yds- I first thought no way I could have hit the deer with a split second chance at a shot. I aimed in the middle and pulled. I heard the deer fall in the woods shortly after. I found a 10 yard swath of fur in the impact area. The blood trail looked like a gallon jug had been used to spread the blood. I placed the shot exactly where I aimed perfectly centered. No doubt could have done the same at 200 yards. I use CVA accura V2 nitride with two 50 grain White Hots. Nikon BDC 3x9x40 scope with 300 recticle. A deadly accurate combination."

  13. Good Transaction review by Brendan W. on 10/27/2016

    "My powerbelt bullets were exactly as described and the shipping time was fast!"

  14. very accurate and deadly on elk review by Eddie Bechaver on 9/14/2016

    "By far most accurate bullet my TC omega will shoot. Two inch three shot groups at 100 yards with open sight. Used for elk this past season, called in a 6 point bull @ 104 yards put an aerolite 250 grain in his chest. Bull went 40 yards and expired. Read a lot of bad reviews for power belt bullets, worked great for me and will continue to use them in the future."

  15. Excellent Results review by Pasquale on 2/26/2016

    "Using CVA Optima V-2 50 Cal In Line with Konus Pro 3x9 scope. 5 shot group 50 yds., with 2 - 50 gr. White hot pellets, 1" group with 3 shots cutting same hole. 5 shot group 100 yds. Used same powder load, first 2 shots in same hole, next 3 shots slightly right each cutting same hole. 1 1/2" group. Cleaned barrel after first 7 shots. Think accuracy would have been better if I cleaned barrel every other shot. Very Pleased.

  16. Whitetail dropped in its tracks review by David C. on 11/16/2015

    "Two white hots and the PowerBelt Aerolite 250 gr. dropped a whitetail in its tracks from 65 yards. This was my first time using the combo, and I am sold. Unbelievable performance."

  17. Good Bullets review by Bill G. on 10/19/2015

    "Just sighted in my new cva accura v2. Used 2 white hots and 250 powerbelt aero light. After several adjustments I got a 1.5 inch 3 shot group."

  18. Aerolite Bullets review by Keith D. on 10/19/2015

    "I have not yet used the for deer hunting, but sited them in easily with my sons new CVA muzzleloader. They shot sub 1 in groups at 50 yds."

  19. great bullet review by kris - new hampshire on 9/28/2015

    "Shot my big 10 with these in the chest blew his heart to pieces then bounced around and took out both lungs. He dropped in his tracks. Awesome "

  20. 3 Deer Down- All one shot kills review by Hanson on 9/27/2015

    "I started using the .250 grain aerolites last year for mule deer hunting in my home state of Utah. Since then, I have seen three deer shot with them and none of the deer required follow up shots. My 16 year old daughter shot a 3X3 last year at 150 yards. There was a huge blood trail and we found the deer 75 yards away. She hit the deer too far back- and low in the abdomen. The bullet basically disemboweled the deer and we found its entire stomach about 50 yards from where it died. Even on a poorly hit deer- it did the job. This year, my nephew dropped another 3X3 at 50 yards with one shot. He hit it in the neck and death was instant. It left a large wound in it's neck and massive energy transfer. Finally, my second daughter shot a large 4X4 at 115 yards, also during this year's hunt. She hit the deer high and slightly behind it's front shoulder. The deer hunched up, and started staggering around. We reloaded and she shot again, just to make sure it would go down. The second shot was a poor shot- she's 14 years old and was nervous then, and it broke the deer's hind leg. As I reloaded a third time, while my daughter watched the deer, it fell over and rolled 2-3 times down the hill. When we got to the deer it was dead and we realized that the second shot was unnecessary, but it's always good practice to shoot till they go down! The first entrance wound was large and massive amounts of blood inside the body cavity. The bullet that hit it's leg had completely penetrated the large heavy bone just below it's hind quarter and caused a complete break of the leg. Great penetration on bone and massive energy transfer when hit in the vitals. I've used Barnes TMZ in the past and they are accurate, but extremely difficult to load even after one shot. I'll stick with the aerolites. "

  21. Good Bullets review by William H. on 9/20/2015

    "Good shooting bullets, I normally shoot 120 grains of powder, where these bullets are rated for only 100 grains. That is the reason for the 4 star ranking. "

  22. Great Bullets review by Trent T. on 9/7/2015

    "Great bullets, highly recommend with CVA products."

  23. Revolutionary Design review by Doc C. on 8/30/2015

    "These bullets are revolutionary in both performance and design. Full caliber in size plus the longer length creates better stability in flight and flatter shooting. Powerbelt’s best bullet in my opinion!

  24. Elk killer! review by Steve - Delco, Idaho on 7/22/2015

    "I shot the elk on the desert hunt in Idaho. It was 100 yards away when I shot and hit it in the lungs. I was using a 300 grain powerbelt aerolite bullet and 100 grains of pyrodex powder. The bullet hit a rib first then blew apart in five different chunk of lead. Them bullets are amazing!"

  25. Excellent Deer Bullet! review by Dudley - on 7/22/2015

    "Right now, I am shooting a brand new PowerBelt called the AeroLite. It is a very long bullet, but is kept light by having a very large hollow point cavity that is then filled with an equally large hard polycarbonate aerotip. This allows the 250 bullet to be as long as a 300 grain standard or Platinum PowerBelt. This extra length and the aerodynamic shape of the bullet make it incredibly accurate -- I am talking 100 yard groups with all holes touching! Also, these AeroLites are "tuned" to perform best with 100 grain charges -- what most shooters actually use -- and with velocities produced by 100 grain charges they are devastating. They can also be used effectively with magnum charges, as long as the range is far enough for the speed to have reduced to about 1800 FPS or below."

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