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  • Federal® B.O.R. Lock™ Muzzleloader Bullets - 350 Grain LeadFederal® B.O.R. Lock™ Muzzleloader Bullets - 350 Grain Lead

Federal® B.O.R. Lock™ Muzzleloader Bullets - 350 Grain Lead

Model: PMZ50LMZ1

15 Pack - B.O.R. Lock MZ - Model PMZ50LMZ1
.50 Caliber, 350 Grain Lead Bullets


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Federal™ Muzzleloader Bullets are the most innovative muzzleloading projectile in decades that are redefining the accuracy and performance of modern, in-line muzzleloaders. The exclusive B.O.R. Lock MZ™ System provides outstanding accuracy in a non-sabot bullet design with sealing mechanism integral with the bullets, that is easy to load and approved for hunting in most areas. Fouling-cutting ring scours powder residue from the breech as the bullet is loaded, resulting in consistent bullet seating and reducing the need to clean between shots.

The system's foundation is a polymer cup that is permanently attached to the bullet base. Before ignition, the polymer cup remains positioned at the rear of the bullet, with the forward obtruding ramp exposed, and only the fiber-reinforced base of the cup in contact with the barrel. At ignition, the polymer cup slides forward over both obtruding ramps, creating the bullet's bearing surface, keeping the bullet seated and engaging the rifling. The resulting gas seal is incredibly efficient, and optimizes accuracy, velocity and consistency for shooter confidence.

The Federal™ Muzzleloader Bullets all-new technologies give hunters more reliability, consistency and accuracy than ever before. The heat-treated, lead design features a polymer tip, with a deep, hollow cavity and skiving for consistent, devastating expansion. With no bulky sabot, required loading force averages about half that of most sabot bullets. In addition to extending the effective range of hunters and shooters, the Federal™ Muzzleloader Bullets feature a high ballistic coefficient for flatter trajectories and less wind drift to increase maximum effective range in the field, while delivering plenty of knockdown power with consistent expansion and weight reduction.

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Federal® B.O.R. Lock™ Muzzleloader Bullets - 350 Grain Lead

Federal® B.O.R. Lock™ Muzzleloader Bullets - 350 Grain Lead.

Rating: 4.3/5 based on 15 review(s)
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  1. Success! review by Sapper06 on 4/6/2020

    "I found a great combination my rifle likes: Strikerfire LDR (30" barrel), VORTEX Diamondback 4-12 scope, 115gr Blackhorn 209 powder, 350gr B.O.R. bullets. I am shooting 1" - 1 1/4" 3-shot groups at 100yds (off bench rest) with this combination. I shoot two rounds, then swab the barrel and shoot the third round. My barrel is measured at .502" diameter, and I can usually shoot 3-5 rounds before it gets hard to load the bullets (then I need a short starter to load it). I live and hunt in Arizona, so I have no restriction on using lead bullets. Try these out. "

  2. Great loading bullets review by MERLIN Norris on 2/22/2020

    "Have not had a chance to hunt with these but they load and shoot fantastic. Do not have force down barrel after shots and no need cleaning in between Shots."

  3. good for CVA accura V2, CO review by HIcountryman on 2/18/2020

    "performed well after abandoning Powerbelts due to bad performance on elk in the field. easy to load, shoots well from my cva accura v2, with Bhorn 209 powder. shot a deer that was quartering towards me, coming down a small hill, at 40 yards. entered through neck, through vitals and lodged inside skin at opposite flank area. well-mushroomed bullet. can't wait to try on an elk."

  4. Moose bullet review by William Smith on 12/2/2019

    "My wife and I each tool big bull moose in back to back years with the 350 bullet , one shot each. Highly impressed with them and they grouped well with blackhorn powder in my Omega."

  5. Excellent Colorado round review by Wade P on 11/21/2019

    "Excellent round on the bench and in the field. Dropped a dandy 6x6 bull in his tracks this past September in Colorado. Would definitely recommend and will is on WI whitetail this December!"

  6. Won't group with my T/C Triumph review by Paul Minton on 11/19/2019

    "After using powerbelts for years, I was looking for an expanding type bullet. Unfortunately these Bore Locks will not pattern with my T/C Triumph, they are all over the place. I have always been able to hold 3 inch groups with this gun with the Powerbelts, so I guess I will stick with them. The only problem I have had is, with deer, the powerbelts will pass clean through the deer, with out any sort of wound channel. "

  7. Excellent review by Deadeyemark on 10/20/2019

    "Only experience is at the range so far but each trip I've made, they shoot well.
    Switched my rear sight to a peep yesterday and shot one ragged hole at 50 yds and in and around the bull at 100yds. Anxious now for hunting season. "

  8. Great flat shooter! Easy to load and reliable. review by Phil Lahargoue on 10/18/2019

    "Just finished my cow elk hunt. Set up and had a shot at 150 yards. The bullet passed through the elk, and vanquished the heart. The elk walked about 40 yards and expired. The temperature was in the mid 40’s and at about 9200ft I would highly recommend this bullet with 150 grains of powder! "

  9. poor in cold weather review by Steve Clayton on 1/9/2017

    "I seen the reviews on these and thought I would try something new in my CVA V-2 50 cal muzzleloader here in Western NY, in 2016 hunting season, well it was very snowy and very cold this year from Dec 12 to the 22 2016, and was using 100 gr of powder with these bullets. Well they didn't perform as I expected they worked great when the temperature was over 45 degrees but when it was lower than that they would not shoot, I had a 8 point 20 yrds from me and when I pulled the trigger all I saw was a red flame come out the end of the barrel and then the bullet went and hit the buck knocking hair off the animal but no penetration, then later had another shot at a deer on a very cold day was 12 degrees out and all I got was red flame out the end of the barrel then the bullet went out the barrel about 35 yrds they were very bad in the cold weather, gonna try something new next year."

  10. Would not pattern at all. review by Earl P. on 11/27/2016

    "Shot these bullets after reading the reviews. Thought they would improve the accuracy of my gun T/C black diamond. First one I pulled the whole bullet back out without the skirt. Then flipped the ramrod around and got it to go back down. Threw out that shot. Second load on a once fired barrel w/ 110grns. of 777. Threw the bullet way left. second shot low.. third w. a swab of the barrel back up and close to bulls eye. After around six rounds all at 50yds. i gave up. Not one was close to the other. Have 3 black diamonds and bought 3 packs of these bullets. Not impressed and I will be going back to my 295 grn. power belts. I also ordered the 300 grn areo lite. Maybe they will be better. Any one want some the rest of the packs I'll be giving them away...They suck..."

  11. Elk hunt review by Mark C. on 9/19/2015

    "I killed a cow elk at 120 yards with this bullet. The bullet passed through both ribs with a devastating exit wound. The bullet is super easy to load and groups well on paper."

  12. Federal bullets review by Mick B. on 9/13/2015

    "Good Bullets, I would recommend."

  13. Tough to beat! review by Mason L. on 9/3/2015

    "One of the newest, most innovative bullet on the market. It is everything they say…..consistent, terrifically accurate and down right reliable. Loading is a breeze! The only down side is getting your hands on these babies."

  14. Great non-sabot design! review by Del A. on 8/20/2015

    "A polymer cup permanently attached to a bullet base. How ingenious is that!! This non-sabot designed bullet is everything they say. Effortless loading, accuracy is excellent, plus this bullet maintains consistent, devastating expansion for a deadeye kill. Such a hot item, it’s gonna be hard to get your hands on these bullets!


  15. Shoot Well! review by Jim Z. on 8/14/2015

    "These shoot great, but I can't use them in California!"

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