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  • Barnes® Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets - 250 GrainBarnes® Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets - 250 Grain

Barnes® Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets - 250 Grain

Model: 30601

.50 Caliber Sabot with .451 diameter bullet
250 Grain - 24 pack - Model 30601


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The Barnes™ Spit-Fire T-EZ muzzleloader bullets are easier to load in even the tightest bores. The newly redesigned sabots reduce ramrod pressure needed to load and seat your bullets. 

The T-EZ is a .50-caliber, flat-base bullet that delivers the same legendary match-grade accuracy of all Barnes’ muzzleloader bullets. The patented polymer tip enhances expansion and boosts the ballistic coefficient for superior long-range ballistics. The Spitfire™ sabot expands at all ranges, near or far, while the six razor-edge cutting petals maximize shock and penetration.

MODEL 30601
Bullet Weight
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Sabot Caliber
Bullet Diameter
G1 Ballistic Coefficient
Barnes® Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets - 250 Grain

Barnes® Spit Fire T-EZ Bullets - 250 Grain.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 20 review(s)
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  1. Barnes T-EZ 250 G review by Mike from WA on 12/9/2019

    "Hey everyone, I really don't ever leave reviews but I figured on this topic I should! I recently shot an Awesome 150 Class Whitetail with this bullet the Best buck of my life!!!

    If i could upload a pictures it would show a perfect mushroom, meaning all the bullets energy stayed in the chest of the buck...I shot him at 124 yards through the right shoulder and found the bullet just under the hide or the left shoulder. Giant wounds and bone fragments through both shoulders, front half of both lugs were gone. Buck went 35 yards and pilled up.

    I am using CVA optima, open sights[ WA rules], 2 x 50 gain White hot pellets and Remington clean bore primers, Barnes 250 gain T-EZ spite fire bullet. Brushing and swabbing the barrel in between shots.

    If i have the rifle in a lead-sled at the range I can get a 3 shot group to touch each-other at 100 yards, shooting nice clover leaf patterns. Extremely accurate!!!

    I have been very happy with this combo and will continue to use it for my Northwest hunting.

  2. Barnes Spitfire review by Mike on 10/29/2018

    "Great bullet and accurate. Had a 3" inch group at 250yds."

  3. Great bullets review by Clayton on 8/17/2018

    "Good accuracy and expand as advertised."

  4. Excellent Bullet review by Fred on 3/23/2018

    "I shoot less than1" groups at 100 yards with this bullet and 77grains (weighed) Blackhorn 209 with a CCI magnum primer...This load is being shot out of a CVA Wolf."

  5. Accurate and Devastating review by Bowhuntercop on 3/10/2018

    "Been using them for nearly 10 years out of my Triumph, they are accurate and deadly on game !!! Took a bear October 2017 at 40 yards complete passthru, bear went 5 yards. Few years ago took a buck, only shot I had was the neck, deer dropped in it's tracks, the neck was broken in half"

  6. Does what they say it will review by Bill West on 10/19/2017

    "Just took down two bucks and one hog. All rounds mushroomed exactly as advertised and dropped them like a hammer, one at 150 yards, and two at 40 yards. Wow. Very impressive. I ordered two more all know how you feel when you find a gem. "

  7. Try them in your gun before buying a large amount. review by Patocazador on 10/9/2017

    "The bullets were accurate in one .50 cal. inline but keyholed badly in the other. The one that was terrible had a 1:24 twist. They wouldn't hit the backboard at 100 yds. and were over 9" off center in the 50 yd. target. They entered the target sideways. They wouldn't stabilize with 90 grs. of Blackhorn 209."

  8. Great Bullet review by Rob B. on 12/16/2016

    "Shoots well!"

  9. Great Bullets review by Robert D. on 11/12/2016

    "I have used these for 3 years . I have harvested 2 bucks each year and 1-3 does. These have performed well in TC Bone Collector and CVA Acura V2. I use 77 grains of Blackhorn 209 by weight and black Harvester Sabots. I shoot 3 inch groups at 200 yds from sand bag rest. The bullets have performed well on deer with good expansion and penetration. My longest shot on deer has been 175 yds."

  10. Great Bullet review by John B. on 7/20/2016

    "I love the accuracy with 90 grains of BH 209 and Harvester Sabots. Great stopping power also!"

  11. "Out performed any other bullet by far" review by Cody Fahrman on 1/26/2016

    ""I have been using these bullets for almost 3 years and this year I have killed 8 nice deer the most I have killed in 1 year in my life so if you are looking for a bullet that does some damage I would choose this one"."

  12. best bullet ever review by william kravats on 1/18/2016

    "I bought these bullets cuz they are all copper and sighted them in at 100 yards and shot 1/5 inch to one inch groups all day long out of my tc impact with 90 grains bh 209 powder and I shot a doe last year with them at 200 yards and wow dropped her in her tracks turned heart to jelly and a massive wound channel I love them and shot a massive 13 pointed this year at 103 yards same results barns keep up the awesome work ."

  13. Awesome bullet review by Jrmum on 11/12/2015

    "Have shot a 8,10 &11 pt. with this bullet, all three dropped in their tracks. Started with using 100 grains triple 7 but had to bump up to 150 grains to get bullets to pass thru."

  14. Outstanding Performance review by Sid Turner on 8/27/2015

    "I shoot the 250 grain TEZ with BH209 and get outstanding performance. The bullet mushrooms as advertised...if you hit him, its lights out. I highly recommend this product."

  15. Simply Awesome review by Sid on 8/27/2015

    "Barnes makes an awesome product and the bullet mushrooms as advertised. I shoot this projectile with the Harvester Crush Rib sabot and BH209...its a deadly combination."

  16. Great Bullet review by Jeff Swarthout on 8/27/2015

    "A friend of mine told me about these new bullets he was using and how much he liked them. So I went out and bought a box to try for myself. They shot good out of my T/C and CVA. Easy to pattern and ready to hunt with. I shot a big doe at 175 yards and dropped her like a rock. Big hole, great expansion, and penetration.

    Looking forward to using them again this season. "

  17. Excellent ballistics review by Justin Moore on 8/26/2015

    "These bullets perform great! Everyone in our hunting group has recovered every single slug out of our deer and pigs. However the bullet is a little tough on loading. Apply a small amount of bore butter before loading

  18. Bullet shoots really well and performed very well on a nice buck last year. review by Chris Ledbetter on 8/26/2015

    "Very good grouping at the range with only a few shots to zero in my muzzle loader. I gave my brother a pack to hunt with he shot a nice buck. The bullet performed very well he is very pleased with it and he is going buy his own pack this year to hunt with. "

  19. Great bullet review by Cady on 7/22/2015

    "Barnes are a good bullet without argument...they hit, expand and just make a nasty wound. I've seen deer take a liver hit and go no further than 80 yards."

  20. Dependable expansion review by Russel on 7/22/2015

    "Barnes now offers a new bullet-sabot combo called their TEZ Line. The difference is the bullet has a flat base and a blue sabot. The blue sabot is just a few 1000’s thinner for easier loading. The bullet having a flat base vs. a boat-tail should not have any effect on its' accuracy because the fact is, a boat-tail on a bullet of this size is, in my experience, not really helping much in the aerodynamics at 2000 FPS + anyway. In short, I believe this was a good move on Barnes’ part."

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