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2018 Washington Muzzleloader Regulation Change

4/27/2018 11:22 AM By

Washington Muzzleloader Regulation Change


Washington Muzzleloader Regulations Change

In April 2018, Washington State has passed through the ability to use modern 209 primers during standard muzzleloader seasons. With these new regulations, there are a few things to keep in mind to prepare for these new changes. For hunters who have northwest regulation CVA and Knight muzzleloaders, there are a few options to convert your preexisting muzzleloader to be 209 compatible.

All CVA brand muzzleloaders manufactured after 2010 can be converted from a musket cap ignition to a 209 primer ignition. The two components that are needed is the CVA Quick Release Breech Plug and the CVA 209 Firing Pin Kit. For Knight muzzleloaders, a 209 or 209 FPJ conversion kit is required to make your rifle 209 compatible.

As of right now, there is no way to convert a Traditions Firearms muzzleloader or older Thompson Center muzzleloader from a musket cap or percussion cap ignition to a modern 209 ignition. 

For a list of CVA 209 breech plugs, CLICK HERE.

For the CVA 209 Firing Pin Kit, CLICK HERE.

For a list of Knight 209 Conversion Kits, CLICK HERE.

For any questions concerning the conversion of a Knight or CVA muzzleloader to be 209 compatible, please contact a customer service representative at 855 236 5000 or send an email to