Vortek StrikerFire Scope Combo

The Strikerfire all-in-one scope combo is all you need
Traditions newest & most innovative rifle (.50 Caliber)

The Traditions® Strikerfire™ scope combo comes with a 3-9x40mm scope that matches the camo pattern of the rifle. The Vortek StrikerFire™ is the next revolution in muzzleloading. This rifle represents the first new innovation in the muzzleloading industry in many years. In development since 2008, this patent-pending rifle takes in-line muzzleloaders to the next level by removing the need for an external hammer and replacing it with an internal StrikerFire™ System. The StrikerFire works on the same principal as modern center-fire rifle safeties. To cock the gun, simply slide the striker button forward until it locks, then fire. The recessed de-cocking button allows for quick and quiet de-cocking of the firearm. The gun also comes equipped with an automatic de-cocking mechanism, so when the gun is opened, it is automatically de-cocked. By eliminating the external hammer you get faster lock times, plus the ability to mount your scope closer to the bore allows the gun to operate with less weight.

Traditions™ equipped the StrikerFire™ with some additional features. The StrikerFire™ is outfitted with a two-stage trigger that is set at 3 pounds and is creep free. It comes equipped with the Stow-N-Go removable butt pad. This allows the butt pad to be removed with the press of a button for convenient storage inside the stock.

The StrikerFire™ also features a premium CeraKote finish, Realtree™ camo stock, one-piece Accelerator Breech Plug™ that allows you to fire both loose or pelletized powder without changing the breech plug, a Dual Safety System, and Speed Load System that enables easier loading and more consistent groupings.

Traditions Vortek StrikerFire Reviews

"The Vortek line is extremely easy to load for pellet or loose powder shooters and performs well with different powder charges. I tried several different powder and bullet combinations and the accuracy of the rifle was maintained, making it very versatile and adaptable. The projectile alignment system allows a bullet to be placed into the recessed barrel, avoiding the need to use a bullet starter. The bullet can be dropped into the end of the barrel and started with a single finger. Starting the bullet straight each and every time when loading provides consistent results that can be seen downrange in the bullet groupings. The barrel tolerances are balanced to provide a consistent gas seal with a sabot, yet make it easy to use the ramrod to push the bullet the entire length of the barrel and firmly seat it on the powder charge. Moderate pressure is required to seat the bullet in place, but it is never a struggle to put enough pressure on the ramrod to keep it moving. The ramrod is solid aluminum, making it durable and useable under different conditions and temperatures. The simplicity of loading makes this rifle ideal for young shooters that might not have the strength to load rifles that have tighter tolerances. Also, the ease of loading is noticeable under cold conditions when reloading can be more challenging."

Brad Fenson - grandviewoutdoors.com

"The quality of this weapon is high. The fluted Chromoly barrel makes this weapon lighter than most... if you are looking for a lightweight hunting gun, the fluted Chromoly is perfect."

Mike Lipa - outdoorhub.com

Vortek™ StrikerFire
Traditions newest & best muzzleloader

Two-Stage Trigger
3 lb. trigger pull enables greater accuracy

Hogue™ Comfort-Grip
Ultra-comfortable over-molded grip panels

StrikerFire™ Slide to Cock
Slide forward until it locks to cock the gun

Soft Touch ™ Stock
Camouflage stock with comfortable recoil pad

Drilled & Tapped
Ready to add your scope or sights

Cerakote™ Protectant
Advanced anti-corrosion coating

Ultralight Chromoly Barrel
28" Tapered and fluted with CeraKote™ finish

3-9x40mm Scope
Quality optics in a Realtree™ camo finish

Removable butt-pad for storing small accessories

Accelerator® Breech Plug
Ensures easy twist-off access to the breech

Lifetime Warranty
Guaranteed for life by Traditions

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