Traditions Pursuit Ultralight

Traditions lightest muzzleloading rifle (.50 Caliber)
uncompromising performance, unparalleled results

The lightest muzzleloader in the world, the Pursuit™ Ultralight is a feature-packed gun that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. This gun weighs only 5.15 pounds and is equipped with a 26" Ultralight Chromoly tapered and fluted barrel. The Chromoly barrel paired with the LT-1 Alloy frame keeps the gun light and extremely balanced.

You never have to worry about corrosion and weather since the barrel and frame are coated in Premium CeraKote™ finish, which is 50 times more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel.

The Pursuit™ Ultralight is equipped with an Accelerator Breech Plug™ which removes in 3 revolutions. The Dual Safety System makes this one of the safest guns on the market by providing you with a trigger and internal hammer block safety.

This award-winning rifle is for those hunters and shooters looking for a feature-rich gun at a fraction of the cost. Pick up the world's lightest muzzleloader and feel the difference!

Traditions Pursuit Ultralight Reviews

"This gun was right on, out of the box. First at 30 yards, just to make sure that it was close. Then at 50 and dead on @ 100 yards. 100 grains of powder & 250 grain bullet. Can't wait to get this muzzle loader in the woods this weekend."

Contributor - huntingnet.com

"The quality of this weapon is high. The fluted Chromoly barrel makes this weapon lighter than most... if you are looking for a lightweight hunting gun, the fluted Chromoly is perfect."

Mike Lipa - outdoorhub.com

Vortek™ Ultralight
Uncompromised performance

Dual Safety System
Internal hammer block and trigger block safety

Quick Relief Recoil Pad
Easy to shoulder & shoot

Cerakote™ Protectant
Advanced corrosion coating

Accelerator® Breech Plug
Ensures easy twist-off access to the breech

Ultralight Chromoly Barrel
Tapered and fluted with premium CeraKote™ finish

Ultralight Weight
The Pursuit weighs in at only 5.15 lbs

Lifetime Warranty
Guaranteed for life by Traditions

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