Traditions Buckstalker Rifle

Lightweight, value-packed muzzleloader (.50 Caliber)
An outstanding scope package at a great price

The Traditions® Buckstalker™ is a compact, maneuverable firearm that combines many of Traditions™ best features into one rifle. The Buckstalker™ has a 24" barrel making it perfect in any hunting situation, from shooting in dense brush or taking long shots across draws and open fields. This gun comes equipped with the Accelerator Breech Plug™ that is removed by hand in just three turns, without the use of tools. In addition, the one-piece stainless steel breech plug permits you to fire both loose and pelletized powder.

The Speed Load System allows for easy loading and more consistent groups, while the Premium CeraKote Finish helps protect against corrosion and all weather conditions.

The Dual Safety System makes the Buckstalker™ one of the safest guns on the market by equipping this rifle with both a trigger block safety and internal hammer block safety. The Buckstalker™ represents one of the best values in muzzleloading.

Traditions Buckstalker Reviews

"Out of the packaging, the Buckstalker is lightweight but solid. The fit of the barrel to the action when closed is very tight, and the action closes firmly and holds strong. Overall, the nickel finish is smooth with no nicks or marring visible. The stocks are a Monte Carlo style, black synthetic with checkering in the grip areas---nothing fancy but durable and functional. The trigger pull is crisp and smooth out of the box. Nothing feels loose or out of place. While a value-buy they put plenty of quality workmanship into these firearms. Field stripping is very easy, requiring only one screw in the fore-stock to be removed...The Buckstalker has a light 3 lb. trigger pull that is surprisingly smooth for what Traditions considers a budget rifle...The Buckstalker lives up to its billing as a compact, lightweight and feature-packed budget in-line muzzleloader. The quality and features that can be found on rifles that retail for twice as much as the Buckstalker make it a steal. The Buckstalker allows you to hunt for less with the confidence you have a durable rifle that will last season after season. It is a quality muzzleloading brush gun that won't break the bank."

"I have one, and have killed several deer with it past 80 yards. Longest shot was 150, when I dropped a doe in her tracks. I dropped a nine pointer last year with it. Never twitched. I'd recommend using granular powder. The burn is faster, and I believe with this rifle you will have way fewer misfires...like zero. I use 100 grains Pyrodex and a 295-grain Powerbelt bullet. If the gun is cleaned well after use inside and out, it will last you for years. "

"Right out of the box, I took two practice shots at camp. The third shot was at 40 yards straight through the lung of a mule doe for a clean kill. Very impressed with this gun!"

Traditions™ Firearms
Uncompromised performance

Dual Safety System
Rebounding hammer and trigger block

3-9x40mm Scope
Great scope in low-light conditions

Cerakote™ Protectant
Advanced protective corrosion coating

Accelerator® Breech Plug
Ensures easy twist-off access to the breech

Rubber Recoil Pad
Easy and comfortable to shoulder

Speed Load System
Easy to load 1:28 twist barrel

Lifetime Warranty
Guaranteed for life by Traditions

Product Information