Thompson Center Triumph

Unique and revolutionary muzzleloader design
Simple with only four moving parts (.50 Caliber)

Heralded as "The new magnum muzzleloader" the Triumph is one of Thompson Center's most popular rifles. From the style of the stock to the advanced blued carbon-steel barrel, the Triumph™ embodies what a Thompson Center muzzleloader should be----a muzzleloader that is rugged, accurate and capable of handling magnum charges with ease.

This Triumph has a black composite stock that features a SIMS® Limbsaver™ recoil pad, which is easy on the shooter’s shoulder and drastically reduces recoil.

The Triumph Series features a solid, rugged aluminum ramrod and the patent-pending Speed Breech® XT breech plug, which can be removed by hand for quick and easy cleaning. The rifle is complete with black traction grip panels on the forend, black Weather Shield receivers and barrels to lock out corrosive elements, plus the distinctive Thompson Center logo on the grip cap. The Triumph muzzleloader features a 28” fluted barrel with the QLA® muzzle system to aid in accuracy and loading. The barrel also features adjustable Fiber Optic sights and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. 

The Thompson Center Triumph™ is the most performance driven and innovative magnum muzzleloader on the market today. Wherever your adventures may take you, the Triumph will be there to help you take your next trophy.

Thompson Center Triumph Reviews

"Unique in style...this gun is indeed a one-of-a-kind. The newest member of the Triumph series...I found the Bone Collector's unique features appealing. What could they possibly come up with next? The three most impressive features were the easily removable breech plug, the weatherproof characteristics of this firearm, and the inherent recoil technology."

Kevin Wilson - biggamehunt.net

"So i finally got to shoot my Bone collector today...all I can say is what a tack driver...this thing is sweet...probably the best factory trigger on a muzzleloader ever...smooth and crisp...and i didnt believe that the flextech stock really worked...just thought it was a sales pitch but hell it felt like someone threw a goose down pillow at my shoulder...the speed breech xt is SWEET...makes for easy swabbing between shots...no more pushing a patch down and pulling it back up...just pop the breech out and push from the breech to the end of the barrel...and wah-lah...you can check to see how it looks between shots in case you may not be happy with it...got it close at about 30 yards with 5 shots and stepped back to 100 yards and had it dead nuts with 2 more shots."

John D. - huntingnet.com

"I have a Triumph and I am very satisfied with it....accurate, easy to clean, light and shoulders well."

Riverhawk - 24hourcampfire.com

Limbsaver™ Recoil Pad
Absorbs shock & recoil for comfortable shooting

Hammer Block Safety
Triggers are factory set at 3 to 3.5 pounds

Triumph™ Series
The new magnum muzzleloaders from T/C

TruGlo™ Fiber Optics
Adjustable sights for any lighting condition

Rugged Ramrod
Solid aluminum ramrod for field performance

Speed Breech XT™
Hand removeable by rotating only 90 degrees

Durable Construction
Alloy receiver reduces weight & balance of the rifle

Lifetime Warranty
Guaranteed for life by Thompson Center

Product Information