Thompson Center Pro Hunter FX

The fixed barrel version Pro Hunter (.50 Caliber)
An amazing rifle with many premium features

With the great looks, quality and accuracy of the ever popular Encore Pro Hunter™, the new fixed-barrel muzzleloader combines the advanced features of the Pro Hunter rifle with Thompson Center’s solid reputation for durability and performance in the field. Unlike other muzzleloaders in its line, the Pro Hunter FX comes standard with a fixed .50 caliber barrel that is not interchangeable. Instead, the muzzleloader sports a 26-inch fluted barrel with patented QLA® (Quick Load Accurizer) for enhanced accuracy.

Other notable features include the muzzleloader’s improved handling and recoil reduction system made possible by the FlexTech™ stock and forend. Inside the FlexTech stock, four Energy Burners™, along with the recoil pad, allowing the stock to compress slightly when fired, helping to reduce felt recoil by forty-two percent. Additionally the Pro Hunter FX muzzleloader includes the Speed Breech® 3, the latest in hand-removable, threaded breech plug technology. Unlike competitors' threaded breech plugs, the Speed Breech® 3's triple lead thread design gives it more area between the threads that helps prevent breech plug seizing from powder corrosion. The triple lead thread design equates to easier removal with fewer turns than conventional plugs. Removal and cleaning just got easier with Thompson Center's new Speed Breech 3.

The ProHunter FX™ muzzleloader is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. It comes standard with Williams™ fiber optic sights, along with a Swing Hammer® that can be conveniently positioned toward either side of the frame, enabling easier access to the hammer under mounted scopes. Weighing in at just 7 pounds, the Pro Hunter FX measures 42.5 inches in length and features a 14-inch length of pull. This FX muzzleloader features a durable Realtree® AP™ Camo stock.

To protect the muzzleloader against inclement weather, Thompson Center has added its tough-as-nails finish, Weather Shield®. When applied to the barrel, receiver and other rifle critical parts, the Weather Shield coating adds an extra level of protection against corrosion, while extending the durability and life of the muzzleloader.

T/C Pro Hunter FX Reviews

"Overall, I cannot see how anyone could go wrong with this (rifle). For the money, you can't get any better. I could care less that I can't change the barrel, this is my dedicated muzzy. I only spent about 2-3 hours at the range today sighting in. This will be good enough for me to take a deer with this year, but I look forward to more time at the range next year, to increase group accuracy...The bolt that holds the barrels on the normal Prohunter are smooth, allowing you to take that pin out to replace the barrel. The FX pin is knurled, not allowing the pin to come out...Other things, there is only one ramrod slide holder...Also, the wrap-around cushion grips next to the trigger, do not wrap all the way...The breech plug threads out by hand...This gun looks like it will be the main iron in my gun rack for years to come. I look forward to taking many whitetails with it."

"I have a Pro Hunter FX that I scoped with a regular Nikon 3-9x50. I sighted in and shot it last year. My 3 shot group was touchng at 75 yards with TC bullets & two 50 grain pellets. Other bullets grouped well, but the TC's were best."

"Just got done sighting my FX in...Dead on @ 100, and 3.5" low @ 150. Awesome gun...If you plan on buying this gun, have no hesitations."

Lightweight Fluted Barrel
Reduces weight & balances the rifle for superb handling

Flex-Tech™ Recoil
Absorbs shock & vibration, reduces recoil by 43%

Speed Breech 3™

Accelerated breech plug,

hand removable

Quick Load Accurizor™
Allows for quick & easy loading of the rifle

Pro Hunter FX™
TC's fixed version of the ProHunter series

Williams™ Fiber Optics
Adjustable sights for any lighting condition

Overmolded Grip Panels
Comfortable pistol & forend inlaid grip panels

Lifetime Warranty
Guaranteed for life by Thompson Center

T/C Swing Hammer™
Allows easy access to the hammer even with a scope

WeatherShield™ Coating
50X more corrosion resistant than stainless

Product Information