Thompson Center Impact

A unique blend of versatility and performance
An ideal gun for any shooter (.50 Caliber)

Considered the world’s most adaptable muzzleloader, the Thompson Center® Impact™ delivers downrange power and remarkable performance for any size shooter. Its unique break-open hood makes it easy for both left and right handed shooters to access the breech. The Impact's adjustable butt stock features a removable 1" spacer, giving shooters the ability to achieve a perfect fit.

The Impact comes standard with factory-installed, adjustable TruGlo™ fiber-optic sights and sleek 26" carbon steel barrel. This barrel is precision rifled at a 1:28 twist rate, making it accurate and compatible with today's modern ballistic loads. The Thompson Center® Impact™ features the fast-loading QLA® muzzle system and a removable 209 breech plug for safe, reliable use. This model comes in a durable, black composite stock and blued steel barrel.

Thompson Center Impact Reviews

"The Impact is a home run for Thompson-Center Arms. It is the best new muzzleloader introduced in several years, and the best dedicated muzzleloader T/C has released since the Omega. It is well-balanced, great handling, has an exceptional trigger, and is ridiculously easy to use...For a 100% made in the USA, T/C inline, with a lifetime warranty, (this) is a screaming deal.

The Impact shoots and functions well beyond its diminutive price tag...congratulations to T/C for a job well-done. It is a thoroughly enjoyable, immensely affordable muzzleloader that the whole family will benefit from, at the range or in the field."

Randy Wakeman - chuckhawks.com

"With a well-balanced and simple design, a low price point and reliable, accurate shooting, the gun is a fine choice for the practical hunter."

James T - huntingnet.com

"Man is this thing a beauty! I'm an immediate fan of the "hood" style break action Thompson Center has put out now. The easy removal breech plug is crazy nice. No more fumbling for cleaning purposes, (and) for the parts to be able to remove it. Just a 4-inch long metal tube that fixes around the breech plug, which turns the plug out with just two fingers. Crazy, (I've) been used to the hard T-bar style removal which gets touchy sometimes."

Tim Miller - thefiringline.com

T/C Impact™
Fully featured rifle, for less cash

Carbon Steel Barrel
26" barrel with 1:28 rate of twist

Break Open Hood Design
Easy breech access for right & left handers

TLT™ Breech Plug
Removable by hand, and will not seize

TruGlo™ Fiber Optics
Fully adjustable, extremely accurate sights

QLA® System
Quick Load Accurizor makes loading a breeze

1" Adjustable Buttstock
Allows a perfect fit for any shooter

Lifetime Warranty
Guaranteed for life by Thompson Center

Product Information