CVA Wolf PR2110

The CVA Wolf 209 is more gun for less money. It is
all the gun you will ever need! (.50 Caliber)

The redesigned Wolf™ has many new features including all the features that made the original Wolf the number one selling muzzleloader in the world. Still lightweight and easy to maneuver, the new Wolf even comes in a compact version that is just right for youth or small-framed adults, or even for the shooter who just wants a quick-handling gun for brush hunting.

The 100% ambidextrous stocks are available in either black or Realtree® Hardwoods Green camo. The Wolf also features CVA’s new QRBP (Quick-Release Breech Plug) – the only truly tool-free removal breech plug on the market today. Even after 20 or more shots, the QRBP comes out with just a twist of the fingers – try that with any other "speed breech" system. Plus, the break-action breech opens easily with just a touch of the breeching button, which is located in the front of the trigger guard.

The Wolf’s compact and quick-pointing barrel is made of blued steel and is set up with a DuraSight® Fiberoptic sights. The Wolf, it’s a lot of gun – but not a lot of money.

CVA Wolf Reviews

“I finally settled on the CVA Wolf muzzleloader ... did not want to shell out the money for a top-of-the-line muzzleloader, so I had to do my homework to get a balance of price and features. I read a lot of on-line reviews and research, and I think I made a good choice with the CVA Wolf. I went with the complete package with camo stock, scope, and starter kit included.

One disadvantage is that the comb of the Wolf stock was not designed for this higher scope mount. The comb rests a little low on the cheek when using this scope mount. For me, this was a minor inconvenience, and an acceptable trade-off to keep the ability to use the iron sites along with the scope.

Last night I took the time to clean the rifle from shots fired after sighting it in. The break action design makes cleaning relatively easy. I've heard stories about how difficult a muzzleloader is to clean. I did not have that experience. The black powder solution was able to easily clean the barrel after a few patches. The powder I used was advertised as "easy-clean", so perhaps that helped.

The Wolf has all the features of the most expensive muzzleloaders, but at a lower cost.

The hammer is accessible and easy to operate. Additionally, the gun produces good accuracy at 50 and 100 yards.

I hope this gun will provide many, many years of service.”

“While I bought this with plans to exclusively use a scope, I am pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the factory open sights. Most factory iron sights on rifles just plain suck. These are adjustable for windage and elevation with a rear ramp and the fiber optic dots speed target acquisition even in low light.

Most rifle stocks are designed to be used either with a scope or with open sights. It's one or the other. A stock designed for open sights will tend to have more drop to it, in order to align the marksman's eye with the open sights, which are only slightly higher than the height of the receiver and barrel. I've always liked the look of those more old-fashioned stocks, with their high combs and swooping lines. But if you plan on using a scope, you'll find yourself straining upwards to align your eye properly with it. Proper and comfortable shooting form will suffer, you won't have a good cheek weld and accuracy could suffer. So stocks meant for scoped rifles are practically a straight line from the butt plate to the fore end tip.

This trigger on the Wolf is better than I'd have expected on a rifle of this price. It's no Savage Accu-trigger, but it's not bad either.

The only other thing I can think to nitpick is the sling swivels. They are just these little fixed loops molded into the stock. Maybe they'll work fine but they look kinda crappy.

That's right folks; if you don't already own a muzzle loader, then you should buy one because it will literally pay for it's self. This is exactly what I told my wife and she is entirely in agreement (God bless her). If you just get the basic rifle for $150, then that's a $200 profit on your first successful hunt, assuming that you already generally know what you're doing as a hunter and have the other basic outdoor equipment and clothing.

In my case, the back of my 6 acre property is like a venison buffet come late summer and early autumn. I have absolutely no doubt that on that first day of muzzle loading season, I can sneak out there with this CVA Wolf and there will be a deer for me to shoot. It definitely won't be a trophy and it will probably be a doe. But it will be meat on the table and that's what counts.

In spite of the junky ramrod, I give the CVA Wolf 2 thumbs up. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get started with muzzle loading without spending a ton of money.”

Jackson Landers - rule-303.blogspot.com

Durasight® Fiber Optics
Factory installed quality

Break Action Design
Easy access & cleaning

CrushZone® Recoil Pad
Easy to shoulder & shoot

Reversible Hammer Spur
100% Ambidextrous

Quick Release Breech Plug

Bullet Guiding Muzzle
Precise & Accurate

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