CVA Buckhorn




CVA Buckhorn PR4300

The ultimate starter rifle for the first time
muzzleloading enthusiast (.50 Caliber)

The Buckhorn 209 Magnum is an ultra-modern, conventional in-line muzzleloader. The heart of this high-tech gun is the precision-rifled 24” barrel with a 1:28” twist. It is powered by a modern 209-primer ignition system that will handle 150 grain magnum charges with ease. In those States where 209 primers are not allowed, the Buckhorn can be easily be converted to a #11 or musket cap ignition by simply changing the breech plug and adding the correct nipple.

The Buckhorn comes standard with a thumb-actuated safety, DuraSight All-Metal Fiber Optic sights that are great in low light conditions, dual-barrel retention points and a bullet guiding muzzle. A feature that sets this gun apart from the competition is its compact new stock design. The Buckhorn’s unique stock features raised dot grip panels to ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip, and a Crush Zone recoil pad on the butt-stock which gives the gun a comfortable feel with reduced recoil. The buckhorn 209 Magnum is a great quality rifle at an outstanding price.

***Converts to be Northwest Legal (OR, ID & WA)

CVA Buckhorn Reviews

"I recently purchased the CVA Buckhorn from you. I decided after hunting modern firearm for the entirety of my hunting career that this year a change could be a pleasant adventure. I packed your guy's gun around in the rain the whole opening weekend and when the moment of truth came, the gun delivered just as promised. Thanks to you guys I harvested my first black powder buck this year! Thanks again for a great product!"

“Thanks so much for the great customer service and lightning fast delivery on my new CVA (Buckhorn) rifle. I wish more places were doing business the way you do it...The quality on this weapon is exceptional for the price.”

“The rifle is pretty light in weight, comes with no straps. Has a nice ramrod. The sights are very easy to find … happy with the performance for a beginner gun. I am just starting out on this gun so there is a learning curve. The power of the rifle is amazing, I have shot some cans with holes bigger that I have seen even from my favorites rifles. Loading and cleaning is fairly simple. I am measuring my own powder using pyrodex brand with fast loaders. The primers used are the Remington sts 209 premier sts. I have had no misfires they all have fired just as expected. I recommend buying the 209 Shooter's Kit comes with all you need. I like the 2069 capper/extractor makes the operation very fast and easy. In conclusion I am happy … cheap to shoot, easy to clean, great buy, and smells great.”

“Was able to put in a 11/2" group of three rounds ... Cleaning is a breeze and overall maintenance is simple enough for even the most mechanically challenged. Field stripping for cleaning is simple and all tools are included in the box. …Overall a very effective muzzleloader for deer hunting with a price tag that definitely should not break the budget of even the most frugal amongst us.”

Staff -

“The raised grip panels are great, and the recoil pad is the good too. It has an awesome hunting trigger with no take up or slack and a clean break of around 4 pounds. … I like this gun a lot.”

Durasight® Fiberoptics
Factory installed quality sights

Plunger Style Design
Enables faster loading & cleaning

CrushZone® Recoil Pad
Comfortable to shoulder & shoot

Integrated Saftey Switch
Safe, reliable and easy to use

Molded Grip Panels
Better feel & handling in the field

Bullet Guiding Muzzle
1:28 twist, precise & accurate

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