CVA Accura V2 PR3110SM

The most accurate break-action muzzleloader
ever made (.50 Caliber)

The Accura® V2 is CVA’s top-of-the-line muzzleloader. This rifle offers a higher level of performance and more specialized features than other CVA muzzleloaders.

The Accura V2 model PR3110SM provides a level of accuracy performance that is unequaled by any muzzleloader on the market today – due to its custom, premium quality, Bergara barrel. These Bergara barrels, made from high quality 416 grade stainless steel, have quickly become recognized as the most accurate production barrels in the world. And while many of the world's most highly regarded center-fire manufacturers use Bergara barrels on their guns, only CVA offers them in a muzzleloader. It is these Bergara barrels that enable CVA to guarantee their ACCURA series rifles to be "The Most Accurate Muzzleloader You've Ever Shot -- Or Your Money Back."

The Accura V2 is designed to fit a wide range of shooters with an overall length of 42", the V2 provides just the right combination of balance and maneuverability. The Accura is simplistic in operation because the breeching lever is built right into the trigger guard, making the Accura one of the easiest opening break-actions on the market. In fact, the entire gun can be disassembled by removing a single screw. The V2 design sports many features to help you with your hunt, like CVA’s patent-pending Quick-Release Breech Plug (QRBP), the only such breech plug on the market that can be easily removed with your fingers, NO breech plug tool needed. The rifle's ergonomically designed stocks are fully ambidextrous and available in both standard and thumbhole designs. In addition, the stock and forestock are upgraded with a SoftTouch coating and rubber grip panels, making them both comfortable and secure in the harshest of weather conditions. Finally, this Accura model comes standard with a DuraSight® DEAD ON™ one-piece scope mount and world class Black CLAW® Contour Sling.

CVA Accura V2 Reviews

"I received rifle yesterday, very prompt shipping, and shot it today....I LOVE THIS GUN! I had a Vortek Ultra lite stolen from my vehicle last year and I thought it was great, but this CVA ACCURA V2, is by far a better gun and I love the Konus scope too. Had a GREAT experience purchasing from you all and I will most certainly recommend your company to anyone wanting a muzzle loader or supplies. Thank you, for all your help and you guys get a 5 of 5 stars with me!"

Rob Caldwell - Russellville, Arkansas

"Awesome gun, awesome service. Got my gun quickly and everything was just amazing. I am going to refer Muzzle-loaders.com to everyone I know."

Glenn Garber - Riverview, Florida

The Bergara branded barrel which is manufactured out of 416 stainless steel … have been through a special honing process that simulates hand lapping, except that it is more precise. This process removes any deviation in bore diameter; i.e., no tight or loose spots. The front half of the Accura barrel is fluted to reduce weight and aid in cooling and is very well finished, including the crown. The Rockwell hardness is Rc 17 for the stainless Bergara and Rc 25 for the blued Bergara.

Our interest in CVA was sparked by the fact that Ed Shilen collaborated on the design and manufacture of the Begara barrels used by CVA. For those who are not familiar with Ed Shilen, he has been making top-of-the-line target rifles (Benchrest and F-Class) since 1967. Ed himself has set 13 world records with his rifles and long range target shooters who are fortunate enough to own one of his guns have won more medals and set more records than we can count. Given those facts, we felt that if Shilen put his stamp of approval on the Bergara barrels used by CVA, they had to be good.

The Accura Bergara land-to-land dimension comes in at 0.498 (+/-0.003 - 0). With tolerances such as these, we expected this gun to be very accurate

We tested the Accura with the 250 grain and 300 grain Powerbelt AeroLite bullets and the 260 grain and 300 grain Harvester Scorpion PT Gold bullets with black Crushed Rib Sabots. Given the various game department regulations across the country, as well as hunter preference, we felt that hunters needed to know if this rifle would shoot gas checked, as well as saboted, bullets.

The trigger pull on the Accura V2 was 2-1/2 lbs out of the box, very crisp without creep. CVA should be commended for not installing a lawyer’s trigger on their rifle. With a target rifles trigger pull, it was easy to shoot accurate groups at the range.

We concluded the CVA Accura V2 is an excellent muzzleloader, well worth the money and destined to be a best-seller for CVA."

“I received my CVA Accura today what craftsmanship very nice ML!!! A real sweet shooting ML! Thanks MUZZLELOADERS.com!”

Jeff S. - High Falls, New York

“The bulk of my data was shot with the CVA Accura before the V2 was even on the market. But after getting my hands on the new V2, I re-shot (a lot!) most of the loads to verify accuracy and I can tell you that my testing showed me that both of these rifles are very capable of sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards.”

“While the upgraded stock does offer some additional functionality, it’s really the breech plug that is a leap forward in muzzeloading technology. One of the weaknesses of modern muzzleloaders has been the difficulty of removing the breech plug for cleaning. Most required a special tool—even those that were labeled “quick and easy” to remove were not always so quick or easy. The V2’s QRBP is designed to be able to be removed with nothing more than your fingers, even after multiple shots have been fired.

As the name implies, it’s accuracy that CVA is hanging its hat on with this modern muzzleloader—accuracy aided by a barrel crafted by Bergara. The Spanish barrel maker, with input from legendary riflesmith Ed Shilen, uses a four-step CNC process to create straight-shooting barrels for a number of CVA rifles, the Accura V2 included. First, Bergara straightens 416-grade stainless steel bar stock to a deviation of less than .0004 inch. That’s followed by a four-spindle drilling process, button rifling and three-step polishing process."

David Draper - americanhunter.org

Durasight® Scope Mount
Factory installed quality

Break Action Design
Easy access & cleaning

Palm Saver Ramrod
Makes loading easy

Fully Adjustable Trigger
Adjusts from 3 to 4.75 lbs

CrushZone® Recoil Pad
Easy to shoulder & shoot

Reversible Hammer Spur
100% Ambidextrous

Quick Release Breech Plug

Premium Bergara Barrel
Precision & accuracy

Quake Claw® Sling
Comfortable & non-slip

Accuracy Guaranteed
CVA money-back guarantee

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