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Konus® Scope Kit - AA2002

CVA Konus Scope Kit 3x-9x32mm
The perfect fit for any muzzleloader rifle

The KonuShot® 3x-9x32mm is affordable and dependable, as its metal construction was designed to withstand the most extreme environments. Even altitude changes will not cause your KonuShot to fog, leak, or lose alignment. The KonuShot has coated optics, providing great luminosity and a wide field of view. The 3x-9x32mm offers a full range of zoom magnifications with a low profile objective lens that is perfect for muzzleloader use. As with all Konus scopes, they are nitrogen purged for true waterproof and fog-proof integrity, as well as being shockproof.

The Konus rifle scope is a great choice for shooters who are looking for an inexpensive, yet dependable scope. It is a great starter scope and easy to use. The Konus scope kit fits virtually all in-line muzzleloaders including all CVA, Winchester, Traditions and Thompson Center rifles.

CVA Konus Scope Kit Reviews

"I love them (Konus scopes). I’ve had one for 3 years now, and it’s by far the best scope I’ve had.”

"I saw the Wolf package that CVA offered...with a 3x9x32 Konus Pro scope...I had my doubts that I’d like it. I though it was just a low budget rifle, and couldn't be as good as the in-lines I already own...The scope was crystal clear, and very fine crosshair...(My) first shot taken at 25yds to see if the scope was close. It was 2" low and 1" left. 2nd shot was in the same hole. They did a good job of bore sighting. I was impressed so far...I adjusted the scope, and two more shots are dead center and 1" high. Perfect. I skipped 50 yds, and went to 75 yds. 3 shots are dead center 1/2' high, and 3/4" group. Suddenly I have a smile on my face that won't go away. I'm more than impressed.”

Contributor - muleymadness.com

30/30 Wire Reticle
Powerful low profile objective lens

Universal Scope Mounts
Can be used with any muzzleloader rifle

Coated Optics
Great luminosity & field of view

Dry Nitrogen Filled
Waterproof & fogproof integrity

Lifetime Warranty
The industries best replacement warranty

Range of Zoom
Offers full range maginifications

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