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CVA Muzzleloader Outfit

This accessory pack is loaded with everything you
need to start your muzzleloading adventure

The CVA pellet shooter outfit keeps it simple and makes it easy for the first time muzzleloader user. The kit comes with an instructional "Blackpowder 101" DVD that walks you through the proper steps and procedures of muzzleloader use. The kit also comes with top-of-the-line PowerBelt hollow-point bullets. These "belted" bullets create a perfect gas-seal inside the barrel, giving you greater accuracy and aerodynamic performance. Cleaning is a cinch using the CVA Barrel Blaster solvent along with cleaning patches and recommended set of cleaning brushes. The outfit also includes a Hollow Point bullet starter that makes loading a breeze.

*No primers or powder included.

CVA Pellet Shooters Outfit Reviews

"Nice product with good variety. I would like a manual instead of a DVD. It`s hard to watch a dvd in the woods but all things considered a quality item.”

Delbert - amazon.com

"This is a good package deal to get you started. I am not particularly fond of the 295 gr. Powerbelt Hollow points, but they were perfect for the range. All the other things are excellent though. Good variety of essentials for a low price. The bullets, bullet starter and the cleaning solvent alone make it worth it.”

Garret Oleen- amazon.com

PowerBelt SpeedClip
For quick reloading in the field

Instructional DVD
Black Powder "101" Video

Breech Brush Set
Great for hard to reach places

2" Cleaning Patches
Fit perfectly over the cleaning jag

PowerBelt Hollow Point Bullets
Creates a perfect gas seal behind the bullet

Hollow Point Bullet Starter
Makes loading simple & easy