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15 pack

TC Shock Wave® Bullets

Model 8208 - 250 Grain - 15 pack
.50 Cal ShockWave Super Glide Sabot .45 Cal Bullet

A revolution in sabot design. The Super Glide™ is the first sabot that can be loaded easily with one hand. Space age synthetic material is used to create this easy loading sabot. The two petal design supports the bullet for optimal rotational stability and breaks away when exiting the muzzle for match grade accuracy. Four petal sabots can not match the accuracy of the Super Glide Sabot™.

These sabots are designed to withstand the high pressures of magnum loads. Shockwave™ bullets provide an efficient and convenient setup that eliminates any fumbling when trying to load or reload in the field.

TC Shock Wave Bullet Reviews

"This is the most accurate muzzleloader bullet I have ever used. Also easy to load. True to their name."

Rodney - ushunting.com

"These things are great. I shot five deer with these...and 150 grains of pyrodex in a CVA Optima. Four dropped where they were shot, fifth got ten yards. A well placed shot in the shoulder or ribcage is essentially all she wrote"

Spire Point Bullet
Polycarbonate Tip initiates bullet expansion

Thompson Center Bullets
Designed for 150 grain charges

Reduces Bullet Drop
Reduced by 3" at 200+ yards

Super Glide™ Sabots
Easily load these sabots with only your hand

Tapered Jacket & Interlock
For controlled expansion with magnum loads

American Made
Proudly manufactured in the USA