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20 pack

Hornady® SST Bullets

Model 67273 - 250 Grain - 20 pack
.50 Cal Sabot Low Drag™ with .45 Cal SST® Bullet

At the heart of the Hornady’s muzzleloading bullets you will find its patriarch the SST-ML. This bullet was specifically designed for 200+ yard shots. It comes in a .50 caliber sabot with a .45 caliber 250 grain bullet. The SST features Hornady’s patented Flex Tip™ which aids in bullet expansion upon impact. This bullet out performs the competition by flying flatter and farther than anything else on the market.

Hornady’s exclusive Flex Tip™ accomplishes optimal flight performance at low velocities over longer-distances, which makes it ideal for muzzleloading. Specifically engineered to provide pinpoint accuracy, penetration and high weight retention, the SST-ML™ is not your average bullet. The SST also comes with the newly designed Low Drag sabot, allowing for easier reloading.

Hornady SST Bullet Reviews

"(shot a buck at 180 yards)...The Hornady bullet blew right though his shoulders and tore apart his lungs, even at 180 yards! I will never use another bullet again!"

Nicholas - hornady.com

"I was drawn for a special 5 day muzzleloader hunt in NorthWest Arkansas this year. Headed to the range with 6 different brands of bullets for my new CVA Apex rifle. The 250 grain Hornady SST shot clover leaf groups at 100 yards, using 110 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder...I was given a 15 yard shot, head on by this 5.5 year old buck and the SST preformed flawlessly. The bullet traveled over 30" cross-body and destroyed everything in it path. I was able to recover the bullet just under the hide, and it looked just like the perfect mushroom that you see in all the advisements. The big buck only ran 25 yards after being hit right through the heart. I have complete faith in SST and the guys in camp do too."

200+ Yard Performance
Dead-on Precision Accuracy

Hornady Bullets
Designed for 150 grain charges

Low Drag
Flatter shooting, high velocity output

Easier to Load
50% easier to load than traditional sabots